Thursday, May 14, 2009

Massasauga on the Bike Path

This morning I encountered a Massasauga warming himself on the asphalt trail. It looked just like the one in the picture above. I stopped after I passed by on my bike. By the time I got turned around to get another look, it had vanished. Probably a good thing too! I am no rattlesnake wrangler, that`s for sure. I also saw a group of 6 wild turkeys. But did not spot any deer today. I was riding the bike path at Indian Springs in WhiteLake Mi. Probably my favorite local place to ride. As far as my ride went, I only did one lap (8 miles). But I attacked the hill at the end, so I got a pretty good work-out. I was trying out a new saddle. (it did not make the cut) I have a WTB "Speed V" saddle that is on the way here from Jenson USA. I can hardly wait to mount it on my MotoBecane. The WTB Speed-V comp saddle sells for about 40.00 but can be found on-sale from time to time. And if you are looking for a comfortable "sport saddle" that does not cost an arm and a leg. The WTB Speed-V comp might be the saddle for you. And it has a sporty look. Some so called "comfort saddles" look like they came off a hot-dog cart. I have used the Speed-V on Road bikes, Mountain bikes Hybrid bikes and even BMX bikes. Now that`s versatile. The back part of the paved trail in Highland twp is under water. The park is on DuckLake rd. just south of M59 on the west side. It has been flooded all spring. And I am sure with the storms that moved through here last night it still is. However if you go left when you enter the trail you can still go to the viewing dock on the pond. Nice view of a natural wet-lands area. Unfortunately also some graffiti too! and it is not even good graffiti! Hey back to snakes for a minute. There is a snake in Michigan that lives in wet or swampy areas. They are not often seen as they spend much of there time below the surface. They like to eat grubs (so they tell me anyway) It is a fire-belly snake. If you ever see one PLEASE leave it alone. They must have the proper habitat to survive. And trying to keep one in a artificial environment would be difficult, for even an experienced snake handler. Ok that`s all I wanted to say about that. until next time RIDE SAFE and Remember to Always... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE

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