Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fuji Restoration Continues

Wow! where do I start? Today went well. First the wheels and hubs. I trued the rear wheel on the truing stand. Then I cleaned up the free-wheel with White Lightning Clean Streak and sprayed some Tri-Flo on it. Also greased the axle bearings and cleaned up the hub and spokes and pie plate. Then I polished the rim with some "Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish. Next the front wheel. First I trued it up, not a real big deal. It was already pretty straight. Then cleaned up the hub and greased the axle or hub bearings. Also cleaned up the spokes and polished the rim with "Mothers" When I polished the drop handlebars I used Turtle Wax Chrome Polish & Rust Remover. After that I removed the hoods from the brake levers and cleaned them (the hoods) again. This time with Permatex Hand Cleaner. I also use it to clean up gum walls when I get my greasy hand prints all over them. Since I had the hoods off the brake levers I went ahead and polished the brake levers with Mothers as well. I also cleaned up the lever mounted mirror on the front (left) brake lever. Ten I mounted the handlebars and then the levers (with the gum hoods in place). NOTE: Normally I would scrap an after market mirror. But this one is really nice, So I`m thinking I might include it in the restoration. Now for the shifters. I cleaned them up with some "Mothers" and re-mounted them on the down-tube. NOTE: The original owner did tell me that the bike originally had stem mount shifters. But if you consider the riding position of a road-racer. It really makes more sense to have them mounted on the down tube. So this was a plus for me when I was considering buying this bike. Ok! I almost forgot the pedals with the "old school" Christophe toe clips and straps. The pedals are heavy, but they are original to the bike. And they are in very good condition. Just needed some chrome polish and some fine brass wheel brushing. So I cleaned them up and put the leather toe straps back on. So I`m going to reuse them, for now anyway. So maybe tomorrow I will route all the cables.(brake and shifter) I already have the handlebar cork tape, so I can do that as well. And I guess I can install the new brake shoes too! And I do have the rim strips in stock. So I can install them as well. And I might drill out the valve stem holes in the rims (just a little) they are a little too tight. I will be tempted to put the used tires back on the bike. And borrow a saddle off another bike. Hell, I could be riding this bike tomorrow! We`ll see.
Ride Safe and remember to RESCUE-RESTORE and RECYCLE! Cheers,Hugh

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