Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KTM Formula 10

Hello my fellow bicycle lovers! I think I featured this touring bike on my "Bike Hunt" post.
This week the KTM is featured on This is the first KTM ever to grace the pages the gallery.(I`m very stoked about that). And definitely the first I have ever seen.The more I look at this bike,the more I love it. And I can`t help but wonder how this Austrian found it`s way to Michigan? I really like the stem mount bicycle bell, it is very cool. And the motorcycle style tool box. Not surprising for a company known for building motorcycles. And the front mounted generator with headlight and tail-light,Wow! How cool is that? This is a very practical bike. Looks like it would be great for a long distance "ride and camp" Or just a great everyday commuter bike. It has what appears to be a "lock of sorts" mounted on the rear fender stay. I`m guessing you turn the key to slide it into the wheel, making the bike un rideable. I wish I had the key so I could find out. Also touring fenders,for riding in "not so perfect" conditions. And the four (yes four) spoke mounted reflectors. Damn! Now that`s visibility! I`m thinking this is like the "Volvo of the bicycle world". Very safe and very practical. Funny thing is, I really did not think "all that much" of this bike at first. Other than that it was a brand I have never seen. And had a really cool stem-mounted bell. (also the first I have seen). But the more I have looked this bike over, the more I have come to appreciate it. Sure it does not look very exotic. And it was probably never seen in the Tour de France.(not counting spectators anyway) But Hey! "It is, What it is" And that is a very thoughtfully designed and Practical & Safe bike. And that`s a lot! Ride Safe and Remember to RESCUE-RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. I love what you do with these bike. What are you doing with them once they are done. Riding, collecting, selling,....?

  2. Yes, Yes and Yes. I sometimes give them as gifts
    and I have donated a few.
    Thanks for stopping by,Hugh


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