Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Views From the New Milford Bike Path

Hello and Welcome,
Tuesday after work I loaded up the bike and went to Milford to ride the new Bike Path to Kensington. The first photograph shows where the trail ends at the S Milford road entrance to Kensington Metro Park. The other photos show views from along the trail. As you can see, it is very new. And the grass has not grown in yet. I can only imagine it will be even more beautiful when it does. I hear there are plans for the trail to link up with the bike- trail in the park. I believe the financing is already in place. I have to run, my other job is keeping me busy this week. Until next time Please Ride Safe and remember to Always... RESCUE RESTORE & RECYCLE
Cheers, Hugh


  1. I really love the bike path postings...makes me feel like I am out there with you riding with my bro! I am happy to see you out and enjoying life! MISS YOU SOOO MUCH! These are kind of like virtual bike tours VERY cool!

  2. Thanks Katie.
    I miss you too. (especially lately) You are and always will be "the best baby sister ever" Sorry I was not able to connect with you on my last trip. Maybe I`ll "stow away" with Bonnie on her next trip. Big Hugs, Hugh


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