Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1964 Raleigh Sports 3 Speed

Hello and Welcome.
Today I found this Vintage (1964) RALEIGH SPORTS 3 Speed. I drove 35 miles to AnnArbor Mi to pick it up. I know eventually I could have found a cheaper one at a Thrift Store. But I got tired of waiting for one to turn-up. So there it is in all it`s not yet restored glory. Last week,I almost purchased a Vintage Norman 3 Speed (also English) but it never happened. Probably a good thing as the seller was asking $135.00 Which made this one seem like a bargain at $75.00. I might also mention I spotted a 1969 RALEIGH "Sports" today in very good condition on C.L. (missing saddle) for 400.00 . This thing is a little rough cosmetically, but everything works. The chain-guard is banged up a bit as is the rear fender. But like someone told me once as a young apprentice "If it was easy, everybody would want to do it" Also this means I have something to do while waiting for parts for the SPORTEX project. Like the 10 or so bikes waiting for restoration was not enough. Oh well what can I say "It`s a disease" I`m so stoked about this project I almost hope I get rained out tomorrow, so I can spend the whole day putt sing around in the shop/garage. Till next time, Ride Safe & Remember to Always... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE!
UPDATE: March 30th 2013
I had no idea at the time of purchase I would not restore this bike until late in the summer of 2012 . When I got the bike home and had some time to really think about it, I knew I was not ready for this restoration. Three years latter, after another really intensive Raleigh restoration. I knew I was as ready as I would ever be.
Above: The 1964 Raleigh Sports restoration. Shortly after this photograph was taken I purchased a set of NOS mid 60's Raleigh Replacement pedals. And also rewired the Dynohub & headlamp.


  1. Hugh,
    I have a 3-speed bicycle that was given to me on my 11th birthday in 1964. (at least I THINK that is when my parents gave it to me) It is a J.C. Penney brand but I can't remember what it was called. It is in storage and I'll have to get it out to find out information. I'm curious if you could help me identify it and help me find out what it might be worth if I was to sell it.
    I was just surfing the internet and saw your blog...so thought I'd at least give it a shot.

  2. Hi Beth,
    I did some poking around on the net and read somewhere that Huffy built many bikes for J.C.Penney and other department stores. Not exactly "great news".
    But this morning a ran across something about a J.C.Penney 3 speed built by Raleigh. That would be very good news, if it were to be a "re-badged" Raleigh.If it is a Raleigh from 1964. It should say Made in Nottingham England,or at least Made in England somewhere on the bike. Also on my list of Bicycle Related Links you can click on rebrit.com That will take you to the site of a three-speed specialist. Steve is my "go to guy" when I have a question about British 3-speed bikes.
    You can e-mail Steve through his site. You will want to include some detail photographs of the bike. Good-Luck, and let me know what you are able to find out about your bike.

  3. Hello Hugh,

    My name is Roland I just became the proud owner of a set of 1964 his and hers Raleigh 3 speed bikes, they look to be all original (I'm no expert by any means) but they are in great original condition, there is some light surface rust on the rims and other chrome parts however.
    These were "registered" in Concord Massachusetts that is they had to be licensed back then so they each have a license plate and small registration tag which I thought was unusual. How do I go about finding a value for these in as is condition? How about restored condition?
    Thanks for any info you might have.

  4. Hello Roland,
    Bike values vary around the country. A good way to get a handle on the value in your area is to check Craig`s list. You might want to check The E Bay as well. The name you want to look for on the rear hub and shifter is Sturmey-Archer. Also look for "Nottingham England" on the badge. You can check restored prices at rebrit.com Good-Luck.
    Cheers, Hugh


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