Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sportex 12 Project in Photographs


  1. It looks very nice indeed. Any particular reason for keeping the "safety levers?"

  2. Hello,
    Nice rig! You also made a very salient point in the previous post, namely, many of these older Japanese/generic frames, especially the steel ones, are the equal of there more prestigious european counterparts. You do nice work and keep it all in perspective. How is that Raleigh coming?

  3. Hey Steve, Not really, I am probably going to switch them. That is providing I can get the others cleaned up or find a suitable replacement.I`m not sure if the pair (levers) I want to use have glue on them or just remnants of badly decomposed gum-hoods. I tend to think it is the later. Maybe I can post a pic of them.
    I`m considering getting a ultrasonic cleaner. I just found a company about 20 miles from here that manufactures them. Maybe I can get one wholesale! Cheers,Hugh

  4. Hey J.
    I hate to admit that I have not gotten the Raleigh going again. I have a few repairs to
    do first. I did find an alternative saddle to the Brooks sprung touring saddle. Don`t get me wrong Brooks is a great saddle.And would look Great on the Raleigh. But there is the cost factor. About the lugged frames. I have ridden a few good European lugged frame bikes. And also more than a few Asian lugged frames. And I really can`t say the euro frames "feel" any better. I mean did my Nottingham Raleigh touring bike feel any better than my Fuji Grand Tourer? Not that I
    could tell. Honestly the Gran Tourer was one of the most enjoyable bikes to ride I have ever owned. Cheers,Hugh


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