Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nishiki Manitoba Progress

Above: Bracket removed and re-packed,crank cleaned up, new chain installed

Above: A recycled set of mountain bike pedals with traps and straps

Above: Front axle and bearings removed, cleaned, re-greased and re-assembled

Above; ARAYA Aluminum rims, not bad for a garbage day rescue bike

Above: 7 spd free-wheel cleaned-up w brushes and White-Lightning "Clean-Streak"

Above: Cleaned up and re-mounted the rear derailleur and re-built the head-set

Hello and Welcome, As you can see I have been working on the Nishiki. You will notice the dust-caps are missing from the crank. I mention this because I found some
at starting at .99 cents. I will use some from a parts bike for this project. But I will be ordering some for stock real soon.I think the nicer ones were 1.29 each (cheaper and nicer than what I saw on e-bay today)
As for the pedals I will be using this set that I have been saving for just such a project.They are not fancy, but other than a little fraying on the strap-ends they are in good condition. I might trim the strap-ends then melt the edges to stop future fraying.
I cleaned up the hubs and re-greased the free-floating bearings. I accidently spilled 10 of them on the garage floor. But the "Bike Gods" were being kind to me today. I actually found all 10 of them, I`m pretty sure that was a first.
The rear-wheel and 7 sprocket free-wheel and rear-derailleur all cleaned up nicely.The free-wheel(like a cassette)was the toughest. It had been out in the weather as was the chain. I scrapped the chain but decided to clean-up the free-wheel
unit. First I sprayed it real good and used my Park brush and scraper on it.Then sprayed it again and cleaned between each of the gears with the edge of a shop rag.
Then hit it again with a small wire brush then one more quick rinse with the White-Lightning. The derailleur and rim were in much better shape and cleaned-up easily.
As it turns out I will not be able to use the handle-bars, stem and shifters, etc
from the salvaged pile. Turns out the stem is not the correct size. So I have sanded down the bars and they are ready for paint. I may still use the shifters and brake levers. Also,I did order some cool stuff for the Nishiki. It will be getting a gray and black sport-comfort saddle. And some matching black and gray mountain bike grips.
And I will be installing a new Aluminum micro-adjust seat-post.I also ordered a new set of brake shoes for front and back. Then I will be installing new, blue powder-coated water-bottle cages. I managed to find all this stuff at one supplier which really saves on shipping. The saddle is a brand I have never used before (except salvaged) it is a Velo and it looks real sharp. I love my WTB Saddles but this one looks good and was very reasonable.
That pretty much catches us up on the Nishiki. I did also take delivery on the parts order for the Trek. The saddle has a tiny bearing rolling around inside one of the rails. But it looks fantastic. And was about 65% off. At my age I`ll never hear it in there while I`m riding So I will be updating you on the Trek real soon. Right now I`m trying to decide if I am going to paint it or not.
Mean Time, Ride Safe and Please remember to RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE. And wear a helmet. A helmet looks a lot cooler than massive head wound.


  1. If the idea of a bearing rolling around in the rail bothers you, I expect you could find some way to get a dab of glue to secure the thing.

    Have you acquired a massive head wound that you haven't told us about?

  2. Hey Steve,
    Actually, if it wasn`t for that little ball bearing in there, I would not have been able to afford the saddle. So I have "no problem" with it rolling around in there "what so ever". And fortunately No I have not received any massive head wounds. Although it would really justify my writing style.
    I pretty much finished the Nishiki tonight. It has a temporary saddle, seat-post and grips. And no water-bottle cage. But it is road-worthy. So I can "fine-tune it" while waiting for the rest of the parts.

  3. Hola, My name is Eduardo, yo tengo una Nishiki Manitoba 1993, y tengo alguanas piezas originales Shimano Altus C10 que te pueden servir, como frenos, palanca de cambio, tijera, fundas y chicotes. yo le cambié esta piezas.

    saludos desde Veracruz Mexico

  4. Hola Eduardo, he acabado de montar el Nishiki Manitaba. Gracias por la oferta. Fijaré los cuadros verdaderos pronto. Estoy utilizando un programa del traductor encendido < > de; Espero que usted pueda entender esta autorización. Aclamaciones, Hugh

  5. i just bought one of these at the goodwill today. they are nice basic bikes.


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