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Pacer, S.E. 15 Speed Canadian

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Above: The Pacer Special Edition 15 Speed "just off the truck". I found it at a Thrift Store. I have never heard of the Pacer Brand before. I do know Concord built a model called the Pacer. But this is a whole different bird.This is a Canadian bicycle. It`s Not that unusual to see Canadian things around here. As Canada is just across the river. I wonder if Pacer is actually a Store. Could this bike be a re-badge sold under the stores name? Could it actually be a Fuji or C.C.M.? If anyone recognizes this brand name,Please let me know (via comment)at the bottom of this post.

Above: The Pacer finished. I took this photo yesterday at the park here in Highland
twp. while riding on the newly improved hike & bike trail.I brought along some tools to make some adjustments. Lucky me! it performed flawlessly. I`m sure had I not brought the tools, something would have needed attention.

Last year I did a story on my blog May 30th 2009 titled "The Bike Trail to Nowhere". It was about the back part of the hike & bike trail being under water. I am happy to announce that The trail has been re-done. It is now a higher elevation, where it needs to be. And there is a culvert to allow the water to go where it needs to go. So Thank You to whom ever is responsible for the repairs.

This trail is a short ride, about a mile(I think) If you take the long way around. And it is mostly flat,a great place for a beginner. Or in my case a great place to test ride and tweak bikes.

Above: This pic shows pretty much everything that I did or changed on the Pacer. First I replaced the standard type (brand x) brake-levers with Tek-Tro Aero levers. If you look closely, you can see I could have made the rear cable/cover a little longer. Although after riding it, there was no problem. I half expected some brake-rub in the turns. But there was none that I could see, hear or feel. I think the cable just needed to stretch or seat-itself a little. I replaced the Viscount Saddle with a New Velo Pronto Z1. And swapped the pedals for some black Dimension multi-sport pedals with black traps and straps. And also replaced the tires
with Pana-Racer 27 X 1&1/8. This is the first time I have used the Pana-Racer tires.
And I am very pleased with the fit, looks and ride and the 105 psi pressure. These babies roll nice. And I did all the usual stuff as well.Installed all new Jag-Wire cables and covers (both derailleur and brake cables).Also polished up the side-pull calipers (also Brand X) and installed new Jag-Wire brake shoes. I re-built the head-set and crank. Removing the bracket was a breeze with my new bracket wrench and spline. Also I polished and trued the wheels and lubed the axle bearings.I removed the free-wheel for cleaning and also to cleaned-up the pie-plate. I replaced the missing front reflector and added a rear reflector to the seat-post.I chose not to replace the chain as the original looks like new. The derailleurs were removed, cleaned and lubed and re-installed. I also re-used the down-tube mounted (Shimano) shifters. I did not replace the seat-post. The original is in perfect condition. And a new post would have put me over budget. I don`t mind breaking even. But I sure don`t want to loose money on this bike either. I chose Cinelli brand cork tape for the handle bars. Before wrapping the bars I taped the cables into place at 4 points on each side with "commercial grade" electrical tape. I went around the bar at least twice on each wrap.The cork tape alone will not hold the airy style cable routing in place for long. Not to mention trying to cork-tape over the cables while trying to hold them in place would be a nightmare. I also changed the seat-post clamp to an easy-adjust lever. I did this basicially because I had one laying around. But it is handy if someone else wants to take it for a test ride.(or steal the saddle)
I think that catches me up on the Pacer. I do still plan on posting the Raleigh Sprite soon. Also I have recently picked up a Centurion Accordo RS (I`m guessing here) Anyway it`s a small 50cm frame. But a real beauty, Bright Red and Bright White with a classic light weight lugged frame. So till next time. Please Ride Safe (seriously) and Remember to Always RESCUE-RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. I have a Pacer, and was searching online for a sign of the brand when I came upon your blog. I bought my road bike off Craigslist for very cheap and she rides like a dream now!
    I have a feeling that it might have been made by Raleigh as a lower-end model as it is very similar to a colleague's Raleigh road bike from around the same time.
    I live in Toronto and have run into one other Pacer but for the most part they are rare.

  2. As far as I know Rampar was the cheaper Raleigh 10 Speed brand. Although I am sure there have been others. My Pacer is the only one I have seen here in Mi. And was the first Canadian Pacer ever submitted on the old ten speed gallery. It is good to finally hear from another Pacer owner. I say "Canadian Pacer" because there was another Pacer made by Concord. (I think) I like the way mine turned out, except for the "too short" rear cable housing. Thanks for leaving a comment. It is always good to hear from my Canadian neighbors. Go Wings! :)

  3. Hey 3d choper,
    Thanks, That makes three Pacers. Four if you count the one Anonymous ran across. Thanks for
    adding yours to the count.

  4. I've got a Pacer 10-speed that I found on the curb in Toronto. It looks to be an older model than yours, with cottered cranks. I can't remember what the other components were since I stripped them all off straightaway.
    The coolest thing about it is the retro headbadge, which reads "THE PACER DELUXE CYCLE."
    I have also been looking for info on this bike, to no avail.

  5. Hey Evan,
    There is not much info "out there" about the Pacer Brand. Often confused with the "Pacer model" made by Concord I think. Pacer is not a high end bike. But if you own one your not likely to run across another. I think my Pacer was the first one submitted to the old ten-speed gallery.
    I suspect that Pacer might have been the name of the store that sold them. And they were possibly re-branded, but actually made by some other manufacturer. Similar to what Sears did for years. My first 10 speed was a Sears made in Austria.
    The good news is most 10 speed parts are sold by size and specs. There really is no need to know much about the manufacturer. Just make sure you sizes and specs match and you should have no trouble servicing or restoring the bike. Good Luck with your project.

  6. I just acquired a 12 speed Pacer in excellent condition --want to sell but can't find out anything about it to be able to set a price. Any ideas

    1. Hey Anonymous
      I would suggest checking Craig's List in your area for prices of similar bikes. It is impossible to give an accurate appraisal without seeing the bike up close.


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