Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nishiki Sebring Pictures

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The Nishiki frame looking a little rough. The fork blades were the worst

I taped-off the crown and re-painted the blades after sanding.

After de-greasing and cleaning the head-set is ready for re-assembly.

Arm shown left was replaced, chain-ring was taken apart and cleaned/polished

Finishing up the front wheel, almost ready for some new rubber

At this point the crank is rebuilt, I have started touching up the frame and decals
The front caliper is ready for cleaning and polishing

The Nishiki is beginning to come together. I love the Charge "Spoon" saddle
I ordered Dia-Compe levers to match the DC Calipers. They need polishing
I found the SunTour ARX derailleur on e-bay to match the rear & the shifters

I like the Well-Go pedals (Shimano 105 knock-offs) they look "period correct"
Well that`s the Nishiki Sebring. Far from perfect, But a huge improvement compared to the abused and neglected bike that I found at the Sally Store.
Who ever had serviced the crank had it really screwed up. They did not thread the drive side in all the way. (I suspect they started on the wrong side) Because of this mistake it had no retainer ring on the left side. As it was threaded in all the way to compensate for the drive side being out about 3/16
Then when the left pedal arm got loose. Instead of removing the dust-cap and tightening the retaining nut, they just kept riding it. This elongated the hole.
That is why I had to scrap the left side arm. I was very lucky to have a matching one on hand. I can`t wait to take it for a real ride. Now that the heat-wave is coming to an end. That should be real soon.
Till next time, Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. Black and cream is a hard combo to beat. Too bad they don't make a saddle that would match the bar tape.

  2. Hey Steve, I`m not sure I would want to go lighter with the saddle. Maybe a darker cork tape though. I know I used a darker natural cork tape before. I just can`t remember who made it. Next time I`m ordering I`ll try to locate some. I agree the color contrast could be a little less for sure. As always, you have a good eye sir.

  3. The Sebring I just picked up has a saddle that perfectly matches your taping :P My bike has been well used too, so thanks for posting this and giving me some hope it can be restored! About to start the restore.. Any clue where to get Nishiki and Sebring decals, or did you not have to go that far?

  4. Hey Felidstar,
    Check out these three in the Bicycle related links section in the right column. (1)Classic Resources
    (2)Cyclomondo decals (3)Velocal decals. And of course there is always the e bay. Good Luck with your restoration.
    Cheers, Hugh


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