Saturday, September 25, 2010

Raleigh (USA) Record Rehab

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I found this Raleigh Record (USA) recently at a local Thrift Store. I was disappointed to see they had it priced way too high. After showing the manager it had two badly bent wheels, we negotiated. After agreeing on a "fair" price I loaded it up and brought it home.

Above: I did make a futile attempt to true the wheels. After admitting defeat I decided I would part-out the Fuji mixte you see in the background. There are a couple of reasons I decided to do this. First the obvious, I need two straight decent quality alloy wheels. Also the Fuji was cheap and I need the crank, stem and the rear derailleur for another project. And finally I am already sitting on one mixte. And I know this Raleigh will sell quickly and bring a good price. And the mixte? Who knows.
Above: I planned to replace the jockey-wheels with a matching set off a salvaged derailleur. Only one problem with that plan, One of the little axle-bolts will not budge. And I mean stuck to the point where the head rounded off (with the proper wrench) before it would break-loose. Ok, looks like the rear derailleur off the Fuji just got re-assigned. You ever get the feeling it`s gonna be one of those days?
Above: Ok, Not the derailleur I wanted to use. But hey, it`s the same basic design and the same brand (Sun-Tour). And it sure cleaned-up nice, and with very little
effort I might add. I really like the clear cable housings on this bike. And being they are in excellent condition, I decided to re-use them.
Above: I used a set of drilled Dia Compe levers I had laying around. I did cut-off the suicide levers. And I did have to re-use the post mount screws (after shortening them up a bit first). As it turns out, this time there was too much play in the lever housing or frame. And with out the post screws I was able to push one of the posts hard enough for it to come apart. So I was WRONG to assume it was not necessary to re-use the post mount screws.(from the suicide levers)
As it was "clearly necessary" in this case. So here it is "I WAS WRONG"
And the Truth shall Set You Free (:
Above: A nice shot of the levers. You may notice there are no cables. I ran all the housing to make sure they were all there, and all in excellent condition. And it gave me a chance to see how they look. Also I added my favorite (and last of my stock) Charge Spoon Saddle. I hope I am able to locate some more of those some day. The Dia-Compe side-pull calipers cleaned up nicely and they also got some fresh Jag-Wire shoes.

Above: Can anyone guess why this is not the same front derailleur you see in pic # 5 Here is a clue. It is not because it was not functioning properly. As far as I can tell they both work fine. So what was the "mix-up" Why did I have to make the switch?
Above: The Raleigh Record finished-off with Cinelli natural colored cork infused tape. For the pedals I went with the Wellgo LU961 ( vintage shimano v 105 knock-offs) I just spotted a set on the bay for under 20.00
Above: I love the engraved handlebars and the classic looking Raleigh head-badge.
There`s is just something classy looking about a Raleigh. Even though it is not a Nottingham Raleigh, it still has that look. I don`t know if I should ride it or salute it!
Well that`s all I have for now. The next post will be about the other Raleigh USA. Which was the recipient of some of the other donor parts from the Fuji. And a few parts from the cannibalized woman`s Raleigh. And dressed up with some take-off accessories from other projects. Till Next Time, Please Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. I give up, why did you switch front derailleurs?

    That is a beautiful bike. Good to know it'll be back on the road in brand new condition! I like those headbadges also. Those Raleigh's are classy bikes!

  2. Hey Big Oak, First Thanks. But it is too soon to give away the answer. I`m gonna give it a few days. Let`s see if anyone comes up with the reason for the switch.

  3. I'll take a wild guess. The two derailleurs shift opposite each other the one rides on the big chainring with no cable tension and the other rides on the small chainwheel which is more common.

  4. Hey Steve, I was waiting to hear from you, I knew you would be the one to figure it out. I was going to say "it`s because the first derailleur is one that pulls up from the top". And the correct one pulls down from the bottom. But the top-pull derailleur does start on the big chain-ring ring (with no tension on the cable) So you Sir are right on the money.
    The top-pull front derailleur is off a mixte frame. (hence the clue "mix-up"). The top-pull cable routing works out fine on a mixtie. Not so good on a horizontal top-tube frame. I suppose you could run the cable past the derailleur from the bottom-bracket shell to a pulley(like on some 3 speeds) mounted high on the seat tube. Then back down to the top of the derailleur. But that would be "taking the long way around the block".

  5. Hugh,

    Why would a top pull not work on a mens frame?

    I really don't see the problem. I've done it dozens of times, and that is the way the original derailleur functioned.

    Granted, I prefer bottom pull, but it's not that big of deal. These are all bottom feeder bikes, not some refined Italian mistress.

  6. Hey Anonymous,
    Nowhere in this post does it say "The top-pull derailleur would not work". It simply made no sense on this bike.
    And yeah, I`m all about "bottom feeder bikes"

  7. just pickup the same record- luv the color-i purchased mind 4 15$ put air in the tires and she ready to ride-garage sales r wounderful-what yr is that model -thx dave

  8. Hey Anonymous II
    Congrats on the great find! I am not sure of the model year. But my best guess would be mid to late 1980`s. I would be happy to check, but it sold fast and has been gone quite a while now. If my memory serves me, I`m thinking it was a 1986 model.
    You might want to read my post titled "All Original What That Really Means". It covers most "if not all" of the things you may want to service on you older Raleigh.
    Again Congrats on the great find. Nothing makes my day better than finding a nice older Raleigh road bike. The Bicycle Gods have smiled down on you! Cheers

  9. Anym11-thx 4 the response -the demand 4 older bikes is high at least in the ptld,or area-yuppys luv em-happy new years--cheers


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