Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 The Year in Bikes

Here is a look back at some of the bikes that passed through the shop/garage in 2010
Below:January 2010
This Schwinn Continental was the first of three for 2010.I have no idea how I managed to find three un-restored 1980 Schwinn Continentals. It was not intentional.
Below: February 2010
This little Schwinn Sprint is one of my favorites. I tend to roll the handlebars back for my comfort when "test riding". Now I make it a point not to photograph the bikes with the bars rolled back like this.
Below: March 2010
This Vista "Carrera 7" (mixte) got a lot of positive response.
Below: April 2010
This Trek 560 is some of the best work I have ever done to date. And unfortunately also some of the worst photographs of a bike I have ever taken.
Below: May 2010
I can`t say enough about this 1973 Raleigh Sprite. I eventually topped it off with a vintage 1973 Brown Brooks Touring Saddle. Just a fantastic bike!
Below: June 2010
I gave this Centurion Accordo RS a major overhaul. All new rubber and cables, new bar-tape and pedals and a new saddle. I rebuilt the crank and heat-set. This would have made a great "personal bike". But it has a 50cm frame, too small for me.
Below: July 2010
On this Fuji S10 S I installed Aero levers and used a Noodle to allow the front brake cable to make the 90 degree turn as smoothly as possible to the front cable guide/adjuster. I had to grind the end of the noodle nipple down to get it to fit into the cable-guide/adjuster. The tension of the brake caliper spring holds it in place.
Below: August 2010
This Nishiki Sebring was pretty rough when it came in. I installed Aero levers on this one too. Much easier to make the change with a side-pull front brake caliper.
Below: September 2010
This Raleigh (USA) Record was a good looking bike. All the color choices came together nicely. And the bike functioned beautifully. Looking at it now, I think a set of gum brake-lever hoods would have been a perfect for this bike.
Below: October 2010
This Raleigh Capri almost did not get built. It was in horrid condition. But the frame was solid and the paint was savable and the decals were amazing. So with the help of a couple donor bikes it got built. And with a few improvements (:
Below: November 2010
This is the third 1980 continental for 2010. And the second blue 1980 Continental for 2010.
Below: December 2010
This Schwinn Caliente received more than a few up-grades. Among them are a lighter alloy crank and stem. I also installed a set of two-way brake-levers off a vintage Continental. It now sports a Specialized saddle (new take-off) And new Cenelli cork tape.
Below: My favorite "Bike-Rescue" for 2010
I found this Nishiki Mountain Bike in the curb-side trash on a visit to one of my sisters in Brighton.(Michigan) It had been left out in the weather and was in a sorry state when I found it. The Nishiki first appeared on my blog in March. To read more about any of these bikes go to the Blog Archive. Click on 2010. Then click on the month which appears above each bike pic on this page.

Till next time, RIDE SAFE and remember to always RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE!


  1. Wow, 2010 was a great year as I watched you re-build the above bikes. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your work. Good luck for 2011!

  2. Some really good looking bikes here Hugh.

  3. My favorite was the Fuji, not because it is the prettiest or for the always exceptional workmanship, but because of the noodles.

  4. Thanks Bill, I`ll take all the good luck I can get.
    And Good Luck to You too!

  5. Hey Trevor, Thanks! I appreciate that.

  6. Thanks Steve, I don`t know if I have a favorite. But The Fuji is "hands down" the one I am most proud of.

  7. Hi,

    I really love the color schemes you use on your bikes. I'm restoring a blue continental myself and was wondering if you could tell me what brand bar tape you are using? I particularly like the light skin colored one which looks like fiberwrap. Thanks!

  8. Greetings Yue,
    First, Sorry for the delay, I have been on vacation. Also thank you for the kind words. The skin colored handlebar wrap is actually "light cork". It photographs a little bit lighter than it actually is. I almost always use Cinelli cork tape. Good Luck with your restoration. Let me know how it turns out.


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