Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fuji "Thrill" Restoration part 1

Hello and Welcome, I found this low mileage Fuji "Thrill" recently at one of my "regular stops". It appeared to have been "ridden hard and put away wet." While it was dirty and the cables were (are) rusty. Nothing really showed any signs of wear. Unfortunately the saddle has a gouge on the back side. I have really lousy luck with saddles. And even though the derailleurs are dirty and the free-wheel has the usual oil soaked dirt coating, everything appears to be in good working order. I could have easily "slid-by" and just replaced the cables and given the rest a quick clean-up. But with the paint being so nice, and all the Shimano Altus components. This bike is worth a total rebuild. The head-set is super smooth I might just leave it alone.
Below: The sealed bottom bracket. All my experience to this point has been with older bikes. This is the first "cartridge" bottom bracket I have ever gotten "Up close and personal" with. I had to purchase the bottom bracket extractor tool at my LBS (about 8.00 US).Before I go on, The crank and arms are removed in the usual way.
The only real difference is that under the dust cap you remove a bolt instead of a nut. Ok I am now working from the left side of the frame. I reach around and loosen the drive-side first (reverse thread), using the bracket extractor tool. Now I loosen the left side until I can slide the unit out. It is in fine shape (no grinding) and smooth. It does not need to be replaced. I really just wanted to get a look at it (: And it`s pretty cool!
After cleaning off the cartridge I rub a light coat of grease on it and slide it back in. Basically you are just reversing the process. Now I clean-up the drive side crank and arm (see below) and the left side arm, using Clean-Streak on the chain-rings (crank) and bio. de greaser on the arms and caps.
Below: Before I put on the arm (left-side) or crank and arm (right side)I smear a wee bit of grease on the "outer" spline.
Below: After the arm is in place you just pull it back onto the spline by replacing the retaining bolt and tightening. Note: I have put a little blue lock-tight on the threads.
Below: Installing the dust cap. This type you just push and snap into place. Now it is time to turn the frame around to install the drive side.
Now The crank is finished (almost) This is a one piece triple chain-ring so I was not able to break it down for cleaning. So to clean the sprocket teeth that are hidden behind the outer chain-rings, I will need Q-tips and bio de greaser. (maybe latter)
Below: I also replaced the pedals. I know I`m a jerk about this, But "To me, these plastic pedals look like they belong on a child`s tricycle". These very basic pedals with traps and straps run about 20.00 to 25.00 US.
Below: There was nothing wrong with the black water-bottle cage that was on the bike. I just thought this red one would look better. The black cage will be used on a future project.
Below: This comfort saddle was about 25.00 and will make for a very comfortable ride. It is technically a woman`s saddle. But being a smaller frame (16-17 inch) this bike will probably go to a woman anyway.
Below: I used the brass wheel brush to clean-up the seat post adjuster clamp. Burning-up my high-speed 3/8 drill has turned out to be a blessing. I get a lot less shrap metal flying at me using the 18 volt rechargeable. And yes you still need to WEAR SAFETY GLASSES or goggles.
Below: I re-cycled this mirror that came off one of the road-bikes.My plan is to also install a rear rack and fenders. This will no doubt be a campus bike. Wow! there`s a face only a Mother could love..lol
Below: That`s where I am at right now. I`m also working on the Raleigh Technium 460 road-bike. I will be posting that one after this one is finished (or near finishe).
Till Next Time, RIDE SAFE and Remember to Always RESCUE,RESTORE & RECYCLE!


  1. Nice, can't wait to see that Raleigh Technium!

  2. I notice someone snuck an ad in on you in that bottom photo! And I'm with you about pedals. A little extra class makes a lot of difference to my eye.

  3. Hey I.L.Y.N.H
    Thanks (: I appreciate that. The Raleigh Technium 460 is going to be one sweet bike. (If I don`t screw it up) The Fuji project is moving right along. I should be doing the "finished post" by the end of the week. Then I can concentrate more on the Raleigh Technium 460.
    I have always wondered how you came up with the name < ilikeyournewhaircut > I.L.Y.N.H.
    Could it mean, I am Lyn H? I am just curious by nature I guess.

  4. Hey Steve,
    I made that little sign from the cover of my 2010 Bicycle Restoration calendar (that I made for my self last year). Then I took some of the pics from the calendar and thumb-tacked them on the wall behind my work-bench.
    I actually purchased two plastic pedals with 1/2 in pedal axles Monday. They are for the "Kiddie Chopper" bike. So I guess that makes it ok

  5. Good for you,Hugh.It does my heart good when someone sees beauty where others see only rusty junk.I hope this bike goes to a good and appreciative home.



  6. Thanks Ian, I appreciate the kind words.


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