Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GIANT Attraction / Headset, Crank & Wheels

Hello and Welcome,
Today I was able to spend a little time working on the GIANT Attraction. I thought the head-set bearings were clean enough for re-greasing after wiping them off with a clean paper towel. That is until I saw this pic blown-up. So today I cleaned the upper and lower bearings with Clean-Streak before re-packing the bearings with grease.
Below: The upper head-set bearing cartridge re-packed and in place. I smeared a little grease in the cup before putting the bearings in place. I have noticed a mix of clean and dirty grease while working on the bike, more so in the bottom bracket. I think it may have been serviced, but the old grease was not removed. I guess a quick smear of fresh grease is a lot better than nothing.
Below: I like to grease the lower bearing cup heavily so that it holds the re-packed bearing cartridge in place. I can always wipe-off the excess after the Steerer tube is inserted and the top race (also pre greased) is screwed down into place.
Below: The head-set is now ready for the stem. When I tighten the top threaded race down into place, I tighten it till I can just feel the bearings grind. Then I back it off just a hair. You should feel no play or grind when the head-set is finished. I like to re-check the head-set after riding the bike a few times. Sometimes they loosen-up a little after the bearings get seated.
Below: Now it is time to service the bottom bracket. I start by removing the lock-ring. You might expect this lock-ring to be reverse thread, but it`s not.
Below: Now I remove the left side threaded cup. If you are going to buy an adjustable wrench, buy a good one. The cheaper ones sometimes have too much play in the mechanism and this can cause damage. I always re-snug the wrench after placing it on the nut.
Below: This is the inside of the left-side threaded cup with the cartridge bearings in place. You can see the mix of clean and dirty grease. This one is actually pretty good. With some of the brackets I have opened up the grease has all but disappeared.
Below: Here I am removing the bracket. The drive-side bearing cup will not be removed. I will remove the drive side bearings from the left side.
Below: Here I have removed the drive side bearing cartridge for cleaning. I can easily clean the drive side cup and the inner bracket-shell from this side (left) of the bracket shell.
Below: Here is a shot of the inside of the bracket-shell before cleaning. I took this pic before I removed the drive side bearings.
Below: Here is a shot of the inner bracket-shell after cleaning. Had it been dry I would have had to spray the inside with Clean-Streak. In this case I just jammed a couple of paper towels inside the shell "wadded up" a little. Then grabbed the wadded towels with my needle nose pliers and twisted. I repeated this three times to get the bracket shell this clean.
Below: Here I have wiped the grease off all the parts. Tomorrow I will spray them with Clean-Streak before re-greasing.
Below: Today I decided to take the front cantilever brake apart for cleaning. There was some rust and dirt I wanted to get rid of. As usual I took one side apart and serviced it, using the other side as a reference. This method has always served me well.
Below: Here is a shot of the same side after cleaning and re-assembly. For now I have re-used the brake shoes. I will order replacements when I order the tires
Below: Here is a shot of both sides all cleaned-up.On the plastic and rubber I used Clorox Cleaning Wipes. On the metal I used a brass wheel-brush (fine). And the Allen Heads were cleaned-out (rust) with Turtle-Wax Chrome Polish & Rust Remover on Q-Tips. And the Straddle-Cable was cleaned with Mother`s Mag and Aluminum Polish.
Below: I have also cleaned-up the rims, spokes and hubs. I used the brass brushes on the rims and hubs. On the Spokes I used Clorox (non bleach) Cleaning Wipes. I have also trued the wheels. I have yet to re-pack the hubs though.
Below: A nice shot of the front wheel all cleaned-up. (except bearings)
I have a few decisions to make regarding tires rack and saddle. I think I will set-up this bike very much like the Hurricane. Although I will not be using panniers on it. I want to go with some Black-Wall High-Volume Smooth Rollers (tires). I think that would look real cool and provide a super smooth ride. I might go with some ergo grips as well. I`m considering using the same Avenir rack I used on the Hurricane, if the price is right.

Below: I found this very special Schwinn Varsity today. I will be doing a before post about this unique time capsule soon. I think you will agree this Varsity must have meant a lot to someone "back in the day"
Until Next Time Please RIDE SAFE and Remember to Always RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. So, I have to ask: why not remove the drive-side bearing cup?

  2. Hey Everett,
    There are two reasons really. First, working with the bike on the rack I find it easier to this work from the left side. Second *And I know I`m going to hear about this one* The drive side can be tougher to remove. So unless it is loose or can not be cleaned "in place" I prefer to leave it be. You know what they say "Why Go Looking For Trouble" Or "If It Ain`t Broke, Don`t Fix It".

  3. Hugh

    Totally agree on not looking for trouble and not removing things that don't need removing. Along those lines any reason for cleaning up the old brake shoe posts (noticed the post on the brake shoe is much cleaner in the after shot) if you are going to replace the brake pads? The Giant is looking super clean and sharp btw looking forward to seeing it complete.

  4. Hey Ryan,
    You have a good eye. That was just done for the photographs. With the brass wheel-brush attachment it literally only takes seconds to
    clean one. Last night I ordered some fat black-walls (26 x 2.125) tires. And a gray /black Z-1 Saddle and matching grips. I also ordered Jag-Wire cables (brake and derailleur) and new Jag-Wire brake shoes. I think "to keep cost down" I`m gonna pass on the rack and panniers and lights. I`ll let the new owner set it up how they want it.

  5. Great information! I enjoyed this one, and many of the other posts you've been putting out lately.

  6. Thanks Cathy,
    I truly appreciate that. I saw a short film (lecture) about blogging recently. One of the things the young lady talked about was providing useful information. I have been trying to "keep that in mind" when I blog. If I can re-locate the film, I will "link it" for my blogging friends out there. She had some really interesting things to say about content.
    Thanks again. Cheers, Hugh

  7. Ernest Hemingway once said that in his books, people get information: "Those other guys, they never tell you anything."

    It's true: from Poppa I learned a lot about Fly Fishing, Bull Fighting, Lion Killing and how to make a Scotch Slurpee, all of which I do almost everyday.

    But I certainly garner plenty of useful info (and the photos make a big difference) on this site, Hugh. Thanks! As a dedicated schwead I'm looking forward to seeing how that Varsity turns out.

    PS. Didn't mean to Crash the Party. Blame Roadie, he brung me. tj

  8. Thanks TJ
    Crash the party? I don`t think so. You are always welcome here. I have been finishing-up the Parliament "finally". And I have just received word that my parts order for the GIANT is on the way. I will probably be doing the Varsity and the MotoBecane and the petite ladies Free-Spirit next. Now that the weather has cooled-off a bit I can get some work done.


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