Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Schwinn Sprint 62 cm

This weeks project is a classic Schwinn Sprint. I took it apart last night and de greased the head-set bearings. Not much to show yet. I worked in the shop till 11:15 pm last night figuring out what components are going to be replaced and what will be refurbished. The rear wheel is bent beyond repair. So I`m going to borrow a new one off a parts bike and I am going to replace the front wheel with a (new) extra wheel I have laying around. This works out well, because the bike "as it sits" has no quick-release wheels. So this will be a huge improvement. Cables and shoes will all be replaced (as always). The saddle was still good, But I decided to replace it with a new WTB "Speed V" Saddle. Well I'm off to the shop, hopefully I will have some pics to add latter today. Hey! did I forget to mention the frog? He just stopped in for a visit one evening last summer. UPDATE: It is now evening and as you can see I made pretty good progress today. I hope to finish the bike 100% tomorrow.
Cheers Hugh

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