Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tall Schwinn Sprint finished

Hello, Finally put the finishing touches on the 62cm Sprint this morn. The Rebuild went well. I was intending on finishing it last night. But (there is always a but) three of my neighbors stopped by and we were all standing around looking at it and talking. So when all was "Said and Done" there was more "Said than Done". Took it for a ride (around the driveway) felt real good.I tried a Handlebar Tape I have never used before. It is called GECKO-GRIP and I really like it,
very grippy. Also installed my favorite (affordable) Saddle the "WTB Speed V". It is sporty and at the same time very comfortable. They list for about 40.00 but you can find them on sale from time to time. I am supposed to rake leaves this afternoon but I have already have another bike on the stand. Also an easy clean-up of a newer model. Might be nice to work on something simple. It is a beautiful spring day here in Michigan so I`m gonna go enjoy it. Even if it is just raking leaves. Ride Safe & Rescue-Restore Recycle.

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