Friday, April 17, 2009

Magna quick fix and clean-up

This is a typical "Department Store " comfort bike. I run across these all the time when looking for old ten-speeds. There usually is really nothing wrong with them other than not being assembled properly. Typically one or both of the axles will be too tight or too loose. On this particular bike the crank set was assembled a little loose. Which might make the new owner think it is falling apart. In reality, it took longer to find the wrench than it took to fix it. Oh yes the threaded head set was also loose. I managed to tighten that up on the way to the check-out counter. And almost without fail one of the tires is flat. Many tires loose pressure over time. Before hauling it out to the curb.Try pumping it up first. If it still has enough air in it a week latter. It is not a flat tire. I usually have
to add a little air before a ride. It`s no big deal. Now lets talk about the Derailleurs. I hear this a lot. "It`s a piece of junk it won`t stay in gear! the chain slips!" Well if your derailleurs were out of adjustment your chain would slip too! This gets back to the assembly, and to be fair, the store is partly to blame too. It is common for a "real bike shop" to tell the customer, Go out and ride it for a week and then bring it back and we will make the adjustments free. I don`t think you will hear that much at "Wally World". Now lets get real for a minute. A 79.00 dollar bike is not going to be a technical masterpiece. They are most likely manufactured by little kids and old ladies in China. Who are overworked underpaid and underfed. And we support that every time we go to Wally World or May Kart to spend our money. So my advise is, either buy an old quality built bike and fix it up. Or buy an old quality bike (already re-built) from someone like me. Or save your money and go to a "Bicycle Shop" and buy a real bike.
Cheers, Hugh

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