Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indian Springs Metro Park

Hello, This is one of my favorite places to ride, Indian Springs Metro Park in White-Lake Mi. I went last weekend. And to my surprise they have done some re-paving on the lower part of the path going into the woods. It is much soother now. If you start at the beginning of the trail it is about 8 miles round trip. And if you are new to cycling, there is a pretty good climb on the way back. So be ready for that. If you get there early you never know what you might see. I have seen several Deer, Wild Turkeys, Rabbits. And various other critters native to the area. On one ride I almost ran over a baby rattle snake that was side-winding it`s way across the trail. It did not appear to be happy to see me. And the Hawk population is doing great! So listen for that shreek and you might get to see one overhead.
Indian Springs is about 9 miles north-west of Pontiac mi. And you will need a park pass/sticker to get in (by car). Don`t quote me on this but, I think it is free if you enter by bicycle or walking. There are pedestrians on the trail as well as rollerbladers so let them know you are coming. A bell might be a good option. Almost without fail if I announce "Passing on your left" They (pedestrians) move left, directly into my path." Walking may be good for your health, but apparently it does not make you any smarter.... lol And bicycle helmets are required!

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