Friday, April 10, 2009

1983 Schwinn "World"

This is the sticker (see pic) I referred to in the last post. "Shccwinn Approved - GIANT"The first day of the restoration I took the bike apart. I got a late start so that was pretty much all I did. Except I did manage to de-grease the head-set bearings and cups. Also managed to clean-up the crank about 75%. Also applied some penetrating oil to the seat post. Also I like to lay out the parts on the floor on a left-over piece of white Formica. Day two, cleaned up the frame also removed the cable guides for rust removal and polishing. I also re-packed the head set bearings and remounted the fork, stem, handlebars and shifters (after cleaning and polishing). Also I removed the tire and tube tube and cleaned -up the front wheel. First with a brass brush then with Chrome rust remover & polish. Then touch it up with the brass brush (also outer hub) then buff it with a terry towell. As far st the crank and chain go I was able to de-grease the chain "on the bike" as well as the rear derailleur. This is because this is such a low mileage bike. I chose to not remove the crank, it is very smooth and I could see it had been well greased. The handlebars required the same treatment as the wheel. I may replace the handlebars. I`m not totally pleased with the way they cleaned-up. Also managed to remove the seat-post (the oil worked) cleaned it up (including the bolt and nut) with brush and polish. Also put the cable guides back on the frame.
I think that about covers day one. I wanted to post more pics but it did not workout. Maybe I will do another (all pic) post today. Gotta get some coffee and get back to work.

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