Thursday, April 9, 2009

Schwinn Sprint , Giant Connection?

This 1980 something Schwinn Sprint was one of
two I found at a moving sale. Shown here after a very easy restoration. While researching the bike I ran across a post on the net. It mentioned that in the 1980`s some of the ten speeds sold under the Schwinn name were actually built by Giant. I believed the story because, the quality of some of the lugged frames was excellent. But I was never 100% sure the story was true till this week. I purchased a Schwinn World (for restoration) It appears to have been ridden once or twice then stored. While going over the bike I spotted a little factory sticker on the drop-out. It simply said "Schwinn Approved" and just below that "Giant". I will attempt to photograph the sticker (on the bike) and show it on a latter post. So if you think you can`t afford a GIANT men's road racer, well maybe you can after all. I am restoring the Schwinn "World" this week and thinking about showing the restoration (in stages) on this blog. I`ll take some pics today. Remember to Always.. Rescue Restore & Recycle! Ride Safe. Cheers, Hugh

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  1. I too have herd that story, I also have one and love it , its my fav 12 speed


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