Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coolest Tyke Bike Ever

When I first saw this little bike I thought "wow that`s kind of cool". Then I started to look it over and realized just what I was looking at. This little Tonka "Mighty Bike" has a working full suspension system. And you will be surprised at how strong the suspension is. The Saddle mount is not all that great. (stock) It is plastic and slides over the post and is held in place by a bolt. However, the good news is.. When I contacted the manufacturer for a replacement saddle (the original was damaged) they sent me a new improved one. And all I had to pay was the shipping. And the new one has a typical collar clamp. The only other flaw I could find was, no reflectors. Except the reflectors on the pedals that is. Now maybe it had reflectors originally (I bought it at a thrift store) but I suspect it did not. Well at any hardware chain (thinking Ace) you can find a package of little reflectors. These come with peel-off double sticky tape on the back. They are not much bigger than a quarter. I put a white one on the fork crown, and a red one on the end of the horizontal tube. And they both look like original equipment. I believe the Mighty Bike (12 in wheel size) retails for 70.00 to 80.00 dollars. I should mention they do make it in a larger size. Having not seen the larger model(s) I offer no opinion . If I had a bike like this when I was a tyke, they would still be trying to find me. I have a project bike to finish today for a friend so I will say Good-Bye for now and Ride Safe. Cheers, Hugh

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