Sunday, April 5, 2009

Huffy 626, Gargage Day Rescue

I found this bike at the curb on garbage day. It looked pretty rough, I almost passed on it. It took a lot of work (especially the rims) to get this thing looking good and working well. I ended up selling it at cost to a college kid. And some SOB actually stole this old Huffy 626. And had to cut through the railing to get to it. Who would have thought anyone would want an old Huffy that bad? I don`t know why, but I did not took a "before pic" of this bike. I should have.


  1. Bristol UK. I just found a Huffy 626 ladies on a rubbish skip. All complete, my first USA made bike so will restore and add to my collection of old UK bicycles and ride on Veteran Cycle Club events. I reckon it will attract some attention.

  2. Hey Jim,
    I can`t imagine how a Huffy 626 found it`s way to the UK. I understand why so many British bicycles were exported to the US. They are quality bikes of classic even elegant design.
    However the 626, while being an o-k bike for the price. It is hardly worth the cost of shipping it all the way to England. It must have been of great sentimental value to someone. I would imagine the 626 would be a "very rare sight" on your side of the pond.
    I have a question for you Jim. I have a British bike that nobody here has ever heard of. It is badged "Parliament - Custom Built - Made in England." A fellow I know who is into restoring English 3 speeds had an idea about the origin. He said in the late 1960`s that Raleigh built a limited number of bikes off site. He suspects (and I agree) that this may be one of these bikes. The bike definitely shares some of the same traits. The 5 cog free-wheel is a D... something made in England. And the crank or chain-ring looks very much like a Raleigh. It has the same "Made in England" decal I have seen on old Raleigh bicycles before. Also the pie-plate
    or spoke guard is stamped "Sturmey Archer".
    The original fenders or mud-guards were "BLUEMEL`S Light Weights". I was able to date the bike to 1969 by the rear derailleur. If any of this sounds familiar to you, Please let me know.
    The Huffy 626 was I believe my first curb-side rescue. The garbage truck was literally just moments away from hauling it away. My pal Phil who was with me when I found it was shocked when he saw it restored. And encouraged me to continue. He said I had a real knack for fixing up old bikes and that I should continue to do so.
    If you like, you can search "Parliament" in the (Search This Blog) box in the to right to see more pics of the Parliament.


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