Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ross Carrera, One of my first projects

Hello, Hugh here, this old Ross ten speed was one of my first restorations. I paid $20.00 dollars for it. I used red nail polish to touch up the small scratches.

I had a little trouble truing up the wheels as I did not have a truing stand at that time. But eventually I managed to get them fairly straight if not entirely round. The head-set was lots of fun too! I actually scavenged the saddle off a BMX bike I had laying around. I think it looks aggressive and is really quite comfortable. There are lots of great bicycle sites on the net. And most people are glad to give you advice. One of my favorites is And the Park Tool site has a great section on how to do bicycle repairs. Anyway I am new at this and hope I haven`t broke any rules. Bicycles are my passion. I hope one day they will be my full-time job as well. I love the old ten speeds and I am into recycling so I have combined the two.

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