Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Bike-Trail To Nowhere

Hello and Welcome,
Sometimes a good idea just goes bad. The Duck Lake Pines Community Park Trail seems to one of those ideas.

Last year I rode the trail many times as a small part of my Sunday morning ride. I did notice that on several rides around the paved trail, that the back part of the trail was wet. And many times you had to ride through some water. But this year has been unbelievable. The back part of the trail has been literally swamped. To be honest I`m not sure what the trail was officially built for. But I`m pretty sure that is is supposed to be above water all the way around. I don`t know who checks the "lay of the land" or checks to see if an area is flood prone. One would think this would be done before spending the tax-payers money on a new paved trail. And maybe something else was done after the trail was built to create the problem. I don`t know who is to blame, or if anyone is to blame for that matter. But none the less there is a problem. And times being what they are, I doubt very much that it is a priority. It is really not much of a trail, when it comes to distance. I just enjoy getting out of traffic for a while when out riding. And there just are not that many places in "East Highland"(as it was once called) where you can do that. But over-all the Park seems to be Really Nice. There were a couple of baseball games going on when I rode through this morning.(5-30-09) And two boys were playing tennis over on one of the tennis courts. There were some kids playing on the playground near the start of the trail. People were walking their dogs. One little guy was playing on the roller hockey rink. So the park was definitely a good idea. And many people seem to be enjoying it. And I include myself in that number. I just hope that the people in charge of such things can figure out a way to keep the trail above water. Hopefully someone is already working on the problem. I sure hope so. I did hear that a new paved bike trail is opening in Milford this weekend. And that it starts at Hubble Pond Park near Peters Street and Commerce Road to the Ford Dam. It runs along General Motors Road to Martindale Road, ending near the entrance to the park off South Milford Road . I think I will load up my bike and camera, and go check it out! Ride Safe, Wear a Helmet & Remember RESCUE-RESTORE & RECYCLE Cheers, Hugh
P.S. Since this post was published the trail has been redone. Not saying this post had anything to do with it.

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