Friday, May 29, 2009

Riding the Kensington Metro Park Bike Trail

Today I finally made it over to Kensington Metro-Park in Milford Mi. Having never ridden there before, I asked for a trail map at the toll booth on my way into the park. I had not been in the park for quite a few years. My Dad and I would go fishing there (and sailing once) when I was a boy. My Dad passed away last December so today brought back some memories. When I saw the area where the rental boats were docked. (see pic) I was surprised to see how small it now looks. The trail is really nice with the exception of one part that runs parallel with the expressway. There are many beautiful views of the lake and the woods. And if your a people watcher there are lots of people to watch. As you can see on the map there are many places to stop along the way. I encountered a group of cyclists having a picnic on the beach. Actually I saw them twice. That`s when I realized that I was on my second lap around the lake. oops! So I ended up riding about 4 miles farther than I planed, No big deal. If I had not missed my exit, I would not have stopped and chatted with the cyclists. Who by my second pass were packing up their picnic supplies. It was mid day when I was there and it was warm in the sun. But the trail is in and out of the woods so it never got too warm. There is a large herd of deer in the park. But being mid-day I did not see any. If you have ever seen the original Christmas card with the deer eating the snowman`s carrot nose. That photograph was taken in Kensington. Wow! I`m just a fountain of useless information today! Over all, I think Kensington is a great place for a ride. Especially if you have a group because there is lots to see and do. And there is food as well. And beaches for swimming. and places to go fishing. I also saw someone in a kayak, I gotta try that some day. The Eskimo-roll is on my life "must do" list. Someone told me (and I can`t remember who) that the bike trail in Kensington has lots of hills. It does, but it`s nothing to demanding. I think Indian Springs is less crowded and the woods are a little more natural. But Kensington has the Lake and lots of things to do. But both are great in their own way. So I am looking forward to riding the Kensington Bike trail again. But tomorrow morn I think I might ride over to the park at M59 and DuckLake and see if the back of the trail is still under water. Maybe while I am there I will find out the name of the park. Ending on a good note, I received an e-mail from my supplier today. It said that my order was shipped today! That only took 13 days! But hey, most of the time they are very fast so I will forgive them. Ride Safe and Remember to Always.... RESCUE-RESTORE & RECYCLE.... Cheers, Hugh


  1. Thanks! i was thinking of riding there today after dinner with friends in Hartland. I am now all pumped up. This is good info, keep blogging my friend, this is quality information one would never find on the official websites.

  2. Thanks Elixir,
    It always makes my day to hear when someone has found the blog useful. Not often I hear from anyone locally.(you might be the first) I hope you enjoyed your ride. And a sincere Thanks for the kind words. Hearing from readers like you is what keeps me going!
    Cheers, Hugh

  3. Thanks for the great Blog! A group of us (5) are heading out to ride around Kensington this morning! I've done the ride many times before years back and love it. My late husband and I used to come out on Friday evenings after work. It was a good time to ride - less traffic. Hope to see some wildlife this morning, especially Deer.
    It's gonna be a gorgeous Day! Have fun, Karen

  4. Thanks Karen,
    I imagine you are probably enjoying your ride about now. I`m doing laundry :( Maybe I`ll ride into Highland for coffee latter. Thanks for the kind words. Ride Safe. Cheers


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