Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ladies Schwinn World Tourist

I finished this Schwinn ladies bike Sunday evening. I took it apart Friday night. Then I worked on it all day Saturday. And about 6 or 7 hours Sunday. And (maybe for the first time) I had ordered all the parts in advance. So this was like a marathon build. It was never intended to be a rush job. Things just kind of fell into place. What a refreshing change. This Schwinn has the Shimano Integer FF system. Which is kind of cool and weird at the same time. The idea was (I`m guessing here ) to build a bike that you could shift while coasting "like a 3 speed bike." That`s what this system allows the rider to do. Instead of the rear cassette free wheeling. It is fixed meaning the gears spin with the wheel "no matter what". And the free-wheel unit is built into the bottom bracket assembly. The only problem with being able to shift a ten speed while coasting is. Nobody gave a S#!&. In other words there was no real demand. Eventually it just faded away. This is the 2nd Schwinn with the FF system bike I have rebuilt. And I`ll tell you what, It is kind of cool! Especially the first time you run across one. At first I thought the free wheel cassette was seized up. Then I was mess`n with the crank and noticed I could spin it backwards while the rear wheel was spinning frontwards. Then it hit me! That`s why the rear gears don`t free-wheel! They`re not supposed too! Well I could not wait to tell my friend Cameron at old ten speed gallery . com about my incredible find. Of course he knew exactly what it was. And then told be that a few had been featured on OTSG. Well these things came out in the early 1980`s And at that time I was into the motorcycle thing quite heavy.

Above: That was me "Rebel without a clue"...ltms. I stopped riding after I lost most of the sight in my right eye. So that is my excuse for not knowing what a Shimano Integer FF system was. And I`m sticking to it! Ride Safe. And Remember to always...RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. Your bike is a beauty. I just bought its twin yesterday. Mine has a rear fender, same color as rest of paint but no front fender...says it was made in Taiwan for Schwinn but couldn't find any numbers to indenify the date made.

    The shifting takes a little getting used to. It's very comfortable to ride. And I love the sleek look of the bike. Am eager to get out on it as soon as the weather cooperates...

    My bike says hello to yours.

    Any tips on cleaning up a bit of rust, pitting on the handlebars??



  2. Hello Patti.
    For removing rust from chrome, first I use a brass wire brush. I NEVER use a steel wire brush or a steel-wool pad. Brass is much easier on the chrome. Then I use Turtle-Wax "Chrome-Polish/Rust-Remover." You can usually find it at any auto parts store or automotive section at some department stores.So first I brush then the Turtle-Wax then touch-up with brush then buff with rag. For the serial number
    check the rear drop-outs (where the wheel connects to the frame)The number may start with a G. Also check for the white sticker in the same area. It will say Schwinn Approved and under that GIANT. Giant Built many Schwinn frames in the 1980`s. And that is a good thing
    as Giant built some wonderful lugged frames.
    Good-Luck with your project. And now that you know where we are, don`t be a stranger.

    Follow all directions and precautions carefully.

  3. Hello,
    Where can I buy parts for my gurlz bike? Its a schwinn world tourist. Thank u much

  4. Hey Anonymous,
    There are several online suppliers that offer a wide range of parts and supplies. A few that I use would be Harris Cyclery, Niagara Cycle, Tree Fort bikes, A.E. Bike. And you kind find some really hard to find stuff on "The E Bay". It is always good to do a shopping search (I use Google). That way you can see who has the item you are looking for on sale.
    Schwinn tires can be tricky. You will want to read the side wall (on your tire) carefully and make sure all the numbers match. If you have any doubt do not hesitate use the "customer service." That`s what they are there for. Good Luck with Your Project :)

  5. how do you replace the rear derailer cable?

    1. The rear derailleur cable for the Shimano FF system requires a hard wire cable. You will need to measure it and check around on e bay. It is NOT the same as a typical derailleur cable and must be the correct length. It may take a while to locate one as they are only available n.o.s. (new old stock) You are looking for a "rear derailleur cable for a Shimano FF Integer system".
      Good Luck


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