Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Motobecane "Mirage Sport" First Ride

I have no prior experience with shifters that are integrated into the brake levers. So I was having a little trouble getting the derailleurs dialed in. So "Thanks For All The Help" to my friends at Cycle Therapy in Waterford Mi. Yesterday I took the MotoBecane to Indian Springs Metro Park in WhiteLake Mi for it`s "First Ride". And so far I really like the bike. I managed to ride the paved path twice for a total of 16 miles. Climbing the Hill near the end of the first lap I was feeling pretty good. Then this young man passed me like I was standing still.(I am still in denial about being in my 50`s). I caught up with this kid in the parking and told him. (half joking) "You made me feel old flying by me on the hill like that". He said "I almost hit a deer on the trail,(that's right, change the subject punk...lol)"It jumped out right in front of me". I told him I have seen lots of Deer there but never had one do that before. As he loaded up his bike I headed back to the path for another lap.Thinking "I`ll show this kid,! I`ll do another lap! (Like anyone gives a crap..lol) I decided I better take it easy (once I`m out of sight) because this is only my second real ride this year. Last year my goal was to make it around the path 2 times with out stopping. I managed that ok. So this year I am going to raise the bar and try for 3 laps. Before I go on I should mention that I smoked for 30 years. And by the time I quit in Feb of 2003 I was in a constant non stop asthma attack. When I got to the emergency room I thought they were going to tell me I had cancer or emphysema or something like that. When the Doctor told me I was having an Asthma attack. All I could say was "Well I`ve been having it for a couple of months now" Well I was finally ready to quit smoking. So with some help from my doctor, who we call Dr Jay (not her real name)I managed by some miracle to quit.
So now here I am a 50 something ex smoker, ex drinker, ex junk food eater trying to recapture something. I`m not really sure what that something is. When I was a young man I played Hockey. And I was pretty good for a yank. And I also played tennis (weird combo there) and rode my bike everywhere. And I loved to ride wheelies on my Sting-Ray. I could run all the way home from school (almost a mile). I was a healthy kid for the most part.And I assumed that I always would be. I was only gonna smoke till it affected my ability to play sports. And I could stop drinking any time I chose to. Well,I was wrong on both counts. So I try not to compete with anyone but myself at least for now. Maybe a few years down the road I can find some other geezers to race. That might be a possibility. Anyway today was one more step in the right direction, and that's not too bad.


  1. Hey Hugh - was hoping you could let me know how this Motobecane is holding up (looks like you've had it almost a year now).

    I'm on the verge of buying one and am desperate for some feedback on how it rides / holds up! :)

    - Corry (corryf gmail.com)

  2. Corry,
    I actually sold the bike shortly after this post.I enjoyed the bike very much, but needed the money for another bike project. However while delivering another bike to UM AnnArbor.
    It turns out the buyer was a friend of the guy who bought the MotoBecane. He told me he had ridden it and really enjoyed it. And that was why he contacted me for his bike. He actually told me it handled surprisingly well in the snow.Which I thought was just plain silly. I would recommend getting it professionally tuned. Especially if you are unfamiliar with brake-lever integrated shifters.I did really like the bike though. Good Luck, Hugh

  3. Thanks Hugh - I appreciate the insights!

    - Corry


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