Saturday, May 23, 2009

Schwinn World Project

This is the project bike I will be restoring on the blog. It is a 1980`s Schwinn "World" with a GIANT built frame. I have taken several close-up photographs of the many different components. My first idea was to post all the before photographs at once. But after seeing all the pics posted together, I decided maybe that was not the way to go. It just looked like a big mess. So now I`m thinking, as the individual components are refurbished or replaced, I will show before and after photographs. And also attempt to show how each part is worked on. That is tricky because I am doing this solo. But with the tripod that I recently rediscovered, it should be do able. You may have noticed that this bike is in pretty good condition. That is not by accident. There are probably thousands if not millions of bikes like this hanging from the rafters of garages all over America. So I try to find bikes that are going to look really good when finished. It just seems silly to me to not search out bikes that have the good paint and all the major components. And that is not to say that I am against total restorations (paint etc...etc..) when it comes down to it. It`s just not necessary with 1960`s through 1980`s models. There are just so many that are still have good paint, savable wheels, etc...etc...etc. Having said that. I will be doing a total rest o conversion of a tall "Sprint" that will need almost everything including paint. It will be a fixed gear bike when finished. I just want to find out what all the fuss is about. This will not go-over well with my hard core 10 speed purists friends. I`m sure they will think that I have been lured over to "The Dark Side". Before I close I would like to say Congratulations! to my nephew John who just graduated from high school. He is out there in the wilderness somewhere with his whole life in front of him. God I wonder if he knows how lucky he is? Good Luck John and God Bless You and Yours. Please RIDE SAFE and Remember to always...RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE
Cheers, Hugh


  1. To Bruce Willis aka Unkie Hugh, TY and its all good from the J_boy.

  2. Happy B-Day big bro


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