Monday, May 25, 2009

Schwinn World Restoration 5-25-09

Hello and Welcome, I think the photographs pretty much say it all. But just in case they do not, today went really well. I was able to true the wheels using my wheel truing stand and spoke wrenches. Then polish the wheels with Mother's Mag & Aluminum Polish. The threaded headset is rebuilt,the stem and handlebars are polished and re-mounted. The seat-post has been polished (along with the nut and bolt) and re-mounted. I Polished the crank and chain-rings. Also cleaned up the front and rear derailleurs and re-mounted them. I cleaned up the chain, but ended up replacing it anyway. The side-pull caliper brakes have been polished and mounted. Also cleaned up the free-wheel . Oh yes, and I polished the stem mount shifters and re-mounted them. Also I was able clean up the fork. I am too tired to go into detail right now. The only thing that I am not happy with is the chain. It is new, but looks like a piece of crap. I was having trouble re-connecting the old chain. So I took the easy out and just installed a new one I had laying around. I will fix that latter. The original cable housings are clear. They look cool, but I might replace them with new black ones. I`ll give the original ones a closer look before I decide. Ok, I`m really tired so I will say Goodnight and Please RIDE SAFE and Remember to Always....RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE

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