Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Me and my shadow

Nothing happening with the Schwinn "World" restoration today. I had to do some masonry work this morn. On the way home from the site I did a little bike-hunting. I found a Girls Mountain Bike (24 inch wheels). The back wheel was mangled pretty bad. But the rest of the bike looked real good. It was tagged 25.00, but it was 1/2 off day at the Thrift Store! I got to thinking, my neighbor gave me a 24 in wheel mountain bike the other day. And while the bike was a little rough, the 24 inch wheels looked pretty good. I think this could work out. Well it worked out great. It even had the correct free-wheel,(6 gears) Sweet! I also found a very sweet women`s "Raleigh Capri" at a resale shop. It was 79.95 but before I could walk away the fellow told me it is 1/2 off today. Well looking the bike over I could not find anything wrong with it. The tires are original and dried-out. And I`m sure the brake shoes are too. But everything else looks great. The paint and decals are like new. The bicycle saddle is perfect. And there is not even a hint of rust on the cables. So I went ahead and bought it. I normally would not pay that much for an older Capri. the Capri is basically an entry level Women's bicycle. But I usually have to put much more work (and cash) into the bikes than this one will require. When I arrived at home I removed the wheels from the bike with the bent back wheel. Then I cleaned up the wheels my neighbor had given me. I removed the tires and tubes off the damaged wheel set. Then I mounted those tires on the straight (and actually much nicer) wheels. Then put those on the newer mountain bike. I had to re adjust the brakes to fit the new rims. while I had the wheels off I also degreased the derailleurs and crankset. So now I just have to dig through all my collection of salvaged saddles and find a nice one. And this little bike should be "good to go". Actually, I think I will replace the front derailleur shift cable as well. But that is no big deal. And I will need to adjust the Shimano rear derailleur, which should be simple enough. I think when finished it will make some young lady a nice looking and solid little bike. And it should bring in a few bucks for parts for the next project. Well that`s all I have for tonight. Please Ride Safe and Remember to Always... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE

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