Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finishing the KHS bike

Hello and Welcome
It isn`t always about the Destination. Sometimes it is about the Journey. Enjoy the weekend. Get out there and ride. And watch "La Tour De France" Remember! RESCUE-RESTORE & RECYCLE
Cheers, Hugh


  1. sweet ride. Do you work on bikes with or without motors? I need to get back on my bike...I prefer the MTB though

  2. Thanks, No I just work on bicycles. I rode motorcycles for many years.And never had a serious accident. But due to some health and
    vision issues it was time to quit. But bicycles were my first love, both riding and fixing.
    When I was a kid my buddy Mike and myself chopped my Schwinn Stingray.I rode it down eight-mile rd in Detroit to the "Renegades M.C." club-house.I found an empty spot in the row of Harleys parked out front. Well I parked there until this huge biker walked out. And as he walked by said "nice bike kid" I was so
    proud.That was about 1969 I guess.
    Good thing I didn`t give you the long answer..LOL Cheers, Hugh


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