Thursday, July 9, 2009

KHS 58 cm Road Racer Project

Here it is my new project a KHS 58cm Road Racer. My neighbor found this bike, it had been left at a dumpster. Since this photo was taken I have mounted new tires on the bike for Troy (my neighbor). As well as new Jag Wire shift cables and a new chain. Troy was fixing this bike up for his daughter to take to college. But as it turns out she wanted a mountain bike. So lucky me traded a Woman`s GT mountain bike for it. It has been out in the weather so I decided to take it apart and start over. I have had the bike for a couple weeks now, so I already have new traps for the pedals. And the correct Shimano brake shoes. And I already have most of the other stuff in stock cables, handlebar cork tape, cable housing etc. So today I striped it down to the frame removing everything except the rear derailleur and the 3 piece crank. Both just need cleaning & polishing. I can do that on the frame. I am excited about this restoration, As I have admired this bike since I first saw it about a month or so ago. I don`t need to order new tires since I had just installed new ones. And they have virtually no miles on them. Same goes for the shifter cables. I will need a saddle though. Well before I get back to work I will add a few more "before" photographs of the bike. Until next time Please Ride Safe and Always Remember to RESCUE RESTORE & RECYCLE

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