Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fuji Dynamic 10 Update

UPDATE FUJI FINISHED! Hello and Welcome, Well the parts order arrived today about 4pm.

I did manage to mount the tires and get the wheel-set back on the bike. One of the brakes needed a little adjustment. I think it is fine now. There was really no time for a test ride though. Also installed the new pedals, (basic quill) no problems there. After the pedals were mounted I installed the New Saddle. It is actually a BMX Racing Saddle. I just think it looks really cool. And it has very good protective side guards. So if the bike should fall over, there is a good chance the saddle will be ok. And I did also get the new S-Wrap Phat Cork Tape on the drop handle bars. That went pretty good, I did have to replace one of the mount screws for one of the suicide levers. The old one was stripped. I always remove the suicide levers when installing new handlebar tape.

Here are a few tips for the newer handlebar tape installer. First, get everything you are going to need within easy reach. I use two shop stools one on each side. Once you start rolling on the tape, you won`t be able to go looking for tools. Definitely remove the the suicide levers first. Watch out for the little spring in the receiving hole it will pop or fall out and you will loose it if you are not careful. Also stand in front of the bike, and roll the tape on towards yourself. Working from the inside (near stem) outward. If you run out of tape before you reach the end, don`t panic. Just roll it back off about 3/4 of the way back and try again with a little less overlap. You "might" want to avoid tape with adhesive on the back your first time. If the tape you use is non adhesive you will want to use a little piece of plastic tape to help hold the end in place when you start. The key word is "little" piece. About 2 inches should do it. So you start under the bar with the piece of tape in place. Then roll over once (towards yourself) making sure the plastic tape is hidden. Then just keep the tape snug as you are wrapping the bars. And when you get to the end (hole) leave enough excess tape so you can tuck it in. Then install the plug. This is the part where you will be happy that you have everything close by. I always have the scissors in my pocket. And a big slotted (normal) screwdriver. A hammer and a small piece of wood (sometimes the plugs are really tight and need a little persuasion). I always have one roll of handlebar tape on each side stool. You may have noticed that I haven`t mentioned the tape that comes with the handlebar tape to secure the ends. It usually has the logo of the tape manufacturer on it (but not always). I don`t think it is necessary, If you install the tape properly. If you think it is, I`m ok with that. When I was a kid about 45 years ago I was never taught to use it. In fact I don`t think anyone I knew back in those days did. Now before anyone gets excited, YES you do see the starter tape on the Fuji. What you may not see is that IT IS ONLY THERE FOR LOOKS. It went on before
the Phat-Tape. I just thought it might look good. And I think it does "dress it up" a little. Also I added a piece of 3M detail tape (blue) for a little color. And cover up some nasty looking scratches on the center part of the bars. Well that`s all I have for today. I still have some touch-ups to do. And I need to clean-up and install the spoke-mounted wheel reflectors. Also I need to find some nice looking chrome cable clamps (no braze-on`s) for the top tube. And I might install some pedal reflectors. They look kind of naked with just holes. I will post some pics of the bike when it is 100% finished. Until next time please Ride Safe and Remember to Always....... RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE

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