Sunday, August 30, 2009

FUJI Dynamic

Hello bicycle lovers!
I have been working on this Fuji since about Wed I guess. It is a 100% take down and rebuild. I have done a ton of work on the bike since these photos were taken. I am debating weather I want to replace the 27 inch front and rear wheels or not. I have replaced some spokes on the back wheel. And trued it (twice) I have not been able to get all the wobble out of it. Although it is about 98%. I removed the Cassette (free-wheel) so I could replace the spokes and clean-up the pie plate. I think I`m going finish it with the original wheels and ride it a bit. I can always replace the wheels latter if I need to.

Well the crank is back on and the threaded headset is rebuilt. Yesterday I mounted the Stem and drop handlebars. Then the freshly polished brake calipers and levers. Got the shifters cleaned-up and mounted as well. And the rear derailleur has been cleaned-up and re-mounted. And the front wheel is all trued, polished, greased and mounted. And I did also install the rear wheel as well. Unfortunately the front derailleur will have to be replaced. The anchor bolt the secures the cable to the derailleur was sheared off. And while trying to extract the tiny bolt with an Easy-Out bolt extractor set. Instead of the little bolt backing out, the cast casing around the hole broke apart. I had a feeling it might. But I figured I might as well try. Anyway I spotted a Sun-Tour derailleur on one of the parts bikes. It looks to be in perfect (although dirty) condition. Right now I need to get to work.

UPDATE 9-01-09 As you can see, the Fuji is coming along nicely. I am just waiting for the tires, pedals and handlebar cork tape to arrive. I will take some more pics today. And update the blog soon. Ride safe, and Remember to Always.. RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE

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