Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ladies Schwinn Traveler Finished?

UPDATE: I wrote this post before I learned about ISO numbers. The ISO numbers are also printed on the side wall of the tires. The ISO numbers indicate the inside diameter of the tire. It is imperative that the ISO numbers match as well as the tire size numbers. EXAMPLE: Metric tire size printed on sidewall (700 x 25C) ISO number on same tire (25-622) Another pointer if a tire is marked 27 x 1 & 1/4 DO Not purchase a tire marked 27 x 1.25 It is NOT the same thing. Remembering these things will save you a lot of time and grief. Cheers

The tires and handlebar cork tape finally arrived and I was able to finish this ladies Traveler.(almost)I ordered Kenda 27 x 1 1/4 Gum-Wall tires and received CST Gum-Walls. The price was great, But it would have been nice to have gotten what I ordered. I have had a hard time in the past getting the CST tires to seat on Schwinn wheels (and others). This time was no different. The rear seated fine but the front has been giving me some trouble. I might have to go to a smaller diameter tube. Although it has the correct tube size. And the tire is the correct size for the wheel. The front tire does not want to seat itself to the wheel. So as I have done in the past, I will try one more time to mount it "as is". If I can not get it to fit correctly I will get a 27 x 1 inch (schrader valve) inner tube. And it should pop correctly into place on the rim. I might drill out the valve stem hole in the rim just a tiny bit first. That may allow the tire to drop into place a little better. I may also scrap the rubber rim strips and replace them with some thin rim tape. And I am definitely going to change the pedals! The store was out of stock on the pedals that I wanted. And after looking at the photographs, It is obvious that the pedals that I have on it now are not gonna make the cut. What the hell was I thinking?. Well, tomorrow is another day.
And here (up there) is a pic of my next project. A Baby Blue Fuji "DYNAMIC 10" Actually current project, since I have already started it. Well hopefully tomorrow I will solve the tire seating problem and locate the pedals I want for the Traveler. Before anyone gets excited. I am aware that certain Schwinn wheels require a specific tire designed for S type ( K type or what ever) Schwinn wheels. So before you send me an angry e-mail. It is not the case with these rims. Hopefully tomorrow I will be reporting how the problem was solved. Or reporting on how the Crow tasted! Ride Safe and Remember to Always RESCUE-RESTORE&RECYCLE UPDATE: Changed the pedals I think it looks much better. Went with new Schwinn light weight cage type. Also went to a smaller diameter tube for the front tire. And it solved the problem, tire is sealed up tight to the rim (no problems) Cheers,Hugh


  1. That's a dam fine lookin' ladies Traveler. Well done. (No surprise there.)

  2. Thanks Cameron, I appreciate your support. Hey that little MotoBecane (green mixte) ended up in Chicago.If I remember right, that`s in your neck of the woods.


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