Saturday, January 16, 2010

Continental / Stem Handlebars and Levers etc.....

Hello & Welcome,
Today I managed to spend a little quality time working on the Schwinn Continental. The drop handlebars were covered with adhesive left over from the old bar tape. First I tried removing the adhesive with GOO-GONE. It worked OK but not great. After getting most of the old adhesive off, I decided to try sanding the bars down. This worked much better. You will need to wear a good respirator/mask when sanding down Aluminum or Alloy. After sanding I went over the handlebars with a little Goo Gone on a paper-towel to remove the dust.

The road brake levers I took apart and cleaned up with Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish. QUICK TIP: When you take apart a brake lever for the first time, Leave the other lever assembled. This will give you a reference. It is easy to forget where all the little washers and spacers go. This is also a good idea to remember when breaking down brake calipers. I`m happy with the handlebars and the levers, I think they cleaned up pretty good. The stem has a little oxidation but not too bad. I might touch it up latter. The Top-Nut and the front brake cable hanger both polished up real nice. Those were done with Turtle-Wax Chrome Polish & Rust Remover and a little brass brushing. The stem mount shifter assembly (stem mount) cleaned up pretty good. There is some minor pitting on the shifters. But I think they will still show pretty good. Today I remembered that I had left the seat-post clamp bolt and nut soaking in the cleaner.(since earlier this week) They were fine, Lucky for me it is an older pail of cleaner.

So I am thinking brake and derailleur cables will be next. And a new chain and new rim strips. Then I will be waiting for parts to arrive. So I`m hoping to get the cables and chain done tomorrow just in case the parts arrive Monday. This will also give me a chance to test and adjust the derailleurs and brakes. One more QUICK TIP: With digital cameras and camera phones it is real easy to photograph anything you might want to reference latter. So if there is only one, take a few pics before you take it apart. You won`t regret it. That`s all for today. Remember to Ride Safe and remember to Always... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. Taking pictures is an excellent and easy to overlook tip.

  2. How do you get the brakes off the handle bar? Mine are on there very tight and there are no screws or other visible adjustments to the clamps. I can't budge them from my 70's continental.

    1. After you have removed the brake cable pull the lever as if you were using the brake and hold. Then look inside the gap. Inside you will see a Slotted Screw head or Allen bolt head head. Loosening this bolt will open the clamp allowing you to remove the lever by sliding it off.


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