Monday, January 18, 2010

Continental Cables, Tips and Chain

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Yesterday I drove to the local Store to pick up a new Schwinn multi speed bicycle chain. It was $6.99 (on sale).

After by big purchase :) I head back to the shop/garage where I started installing the new cables. QUICK TIP: If you use a "universal" Jag Wire basics brake cable, you will notice they have one end for a road bike lever and the other for a mountain or commuter bike lever. When you are doing a Front Brake the universal cable is usually twice the length you need. (You will want to check first to make sure) So if you cut the cable and housing in the center. You will end up with an extra front brake cable and housing. You will need to use a cutting wheel to cut through both cable and housing together. This does NOT apply to Rear Bakes as they are a longer run of cable. Although, If you are working on a very petite bicycle I guess it might be possible.

Another QUICK TIP When you cut-off the excess cable after hooking up the brake. If the end of the cable starts to unwind, DON`T PANIC. You can usually rewind the end of the cable by twisting it between your finger and thumb. It may take a little practice but it will become second nature after a few times. Once you have gotten the cable re-wound, crimp-on a cable tip right away. Also when ever you are installing a new cable or cable and housing, always put a drop or two of clear oil< in the cable housing. Then insert the cable. This will keep the cable working smoothly. I like to use snowmobile cable and clutch lube because it is made to work in cold wet conditions. You can find it any any good snowmobile dealer parts counter. Hey I need to get to work. I`m gonna do some fine tuning on the brakes and derailleurs today. And I have a couple of adjustments to do today. P.S. Those are the original pedals shown on the bike. All it took was a lot of brass brushing and a few drops of oil. Looks like I`m gonna have an extra set of touring pedals. Until next time,Please Ride Safely. And always remember to... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE

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