Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Continental, Brake Levers, Polishing

Hello and Welcome,
I just received an e-mail from "The Supplier" telling me that my parts order is on the way! That`s always good news. In the meantime I would like to talk about road brake levers. You know I have seen many refurbished bikes that looked "pretty good" even though the brake levers were never really touched. But if you really want it to POP. You gotta polish up those levers! And that really applies to all the little alloy and chrome plated parts.
Above : Brake Lever partially broke-down for polishing with Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish

Above: Left Click on the picture to really see the difference a little polishing can make.

Above: "The Works" All polished & back on the bike with new Jag Wire Basics Brake Cables. And Jag Wire shift cables as well. The more time you spend on the details, the better your project is going to look when finished. And I know from experience, once you break a bike down to the bare frame and rebuild it one part at a time. You will have a better understanding of how everything works. I am constantly amazed at how much there is to learn about the mechanical workings of a bicycle. And I only work on the older stuff! The newer carbon-fiber bikes are unbelievable in their engineering. Aluminum is about as high-tech as I get! At least for the time being anyway. One of my brothers has a Carbon Fiber time-trials bike that weighs about the same as a good pair of work boots. (slight exaggeration) And cost about 12 times more than my first motorcycle. No exaggeration, It is an engineering masterpiece. Well I think "as usual" I have wandered off topic lol. Maybe I am suffering from cabin fever? Well I really need to get some work done today. So I will say Good Bye for now. And until next time, Please RIDE SAFELY. And Always Remember to RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE!


  1. i really want & need need need so much your brake levers...

  2. hub`n ride,
    Thank You. The polish I used on the brake levers is called "Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish" I do not know if they have it in Indonesia? If they have it there, you should get some. I works great!


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