Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inspiration for the Continental build

Hello and Welcome,
First Quick Update : As of 1-7-10 @ 11:15 pm est My Fuji Gran-Tourer is tied for first place for Sep 09 "Ten Speed Of The Month" at So go and vote! Let your voice be heard!

Lauren`s Univega courtesy of OLDTENSPEEDGALLERY.COM
Back to the Schwinn Continental build. It now has front and rear derailleurs! And hopefully will have brakes (if not levers) by tomorrow night. About the above photo. That is a Univega that was done by Lauren and was featured on . I don`t know Lauren. But I have seen Lauren`s bikes before, and have always admired the color choices. And I have decided to "take a shot" at this color scheme thing. So if it looks like crap when it`s done, It`s all Lauren`s fault....ltms Just kidding. Back on topic, Tonight while shopping for components for the Continental, I spotted this very yellow track saddle. That`s when I finally decided to go with Yellow for the saddle and yellow cork handlebar tape. Then while browsing through tires I spotted a set of very yellow 27 inch road tires. That`s when I remembered how impressed I had been viewing Lauern`s bikes at OTSG. So what the hell, lets give it a shot!I think that bright yellow looks great on a glossy black framed bike. One of my first builds was a black and white Huffy 12 speed "626" on which I used the yellow cork tape. And I almost did a black Schwinn World (Giant lugged frame) with yellow cork tape. But I already had a really cool black Schwinn road saddle with red trim. So I went ahead and did the red cork tape to match. And if I remember right some red vinyl trim on the frame. Hey here is a QUICK TIP. If you want to add a little color to the frame, 3M makes some very good quality "vinyl trim tape". It comes in all the primary colors. And you should be able to find it in the paint department at most of the better hardware stores. You may have noticed that I never referred to Lauren as a He or a She. That is because I don`t know if Lauren is a Lauren Green or a Lauren Bacall ? And it really does not matter. I`m just wondering if anyone "picked up on that" while reading this post. All I know is Lauren builds some fine looking road bikes and that`s all that matters. That is about all I got for tonight. So until next time Please Ride Safely. And Remember to always... RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE
Cheers, Hugh


  1. It IS a very pleasing combo, as I'm sure yours will be.

  2. Thanks Steve. I hope your right. We just had a snow event here. It ended this morn. It lasted 24 hrs.Thank God it didn`t snow too hard. Time to get the snow-blower fired up!


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