Friday, January 1, 2010

Schwinn Continental

HAPPY NEW YEAR! and Welcome,
The Continental is starting to take shape. The rear wheel is finished. The rear axle was a little tougher than I expected.

Photo of axle assembly courtesy of Sheldon Brown

Seems I don`t have the correct free wheel removal tool for removing this free-wheel. So I removed the axle and bearings with the free wheel in place. It was a little more work getting it cleaned up. And a little tricky replacing the bearings as well.I cleaned up the free-wheel with White Lightning Clean-Streak I used the Easy Clean Bicycle Chain and Parts Cleaning Brush Kit to loosen the crud. During reassembly the cold actually worked in my favor. The grease is a little thicker in the cooler garage/shop (about 50 degrees F) So the grease held the bearings in place while I installed the axle and cones. Don`t get me wrong, It would have held them in place anyway. Just not quite as well. I also used the Clean-Streak" on the axle and cones. No need to soak them in cleaner, as they are in very good condition.

Here is a GOOD TIP for cleaning the inner hub (where the axle goes). First I sprayed it with the Clean-Streak. Then I take a sheet of paper towel and twist it till it forms a rope like piece. I then slide it into the hub all the way through. While it is in there I un-twist it carefully. This expands the paper towel then I carefully work it back and forth a little then pull it out. Do this a few times and the inner hub will be spotless. ANOTHER TIP. If you push a paper-towel or rag through the hub with a long thin screw-driver. Use a Phillips-head driver as it is less likely to scratch the inner wall of the hub. ONE MORE TIP To clean between the gears on the free-wheel I use a rag folded once. And insert the folded edge of the rag between the gears (length-wise) and slide the length of the rag. Do this against the free-wheel, So when you slide the rag back the free-wheel will turn. This will allow you to work your way all the way around the free-wheel. Do this between each sprocket on the free-wheel. I do this with the wheel off the bike. This is done after you have sprayed it with Clean-Streak or the cleaner of your preference. Well I need to get back to work on the Continental road bike. So until next time please RIDE SAFE Always Remember to RESCUE, RESTORE & RECYCLE


  1. Good tips. I get cheap shop rags from Costco. They last much better than paper and you can wash them a few times.

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  3. I love that you are restoring this bike! My 1st '10-speed' was a silver Schwinn Continental that I rode for years beginning in 1975. Have fun!

  4. Thanks Beth! Even though they are a little heavy
    I really love the old "Chicago Schwinns." From about 1968 to 1969 I was a Detroit News delivery boy. And the Schwinn`s were always the first choice amoung the "News Boys." Because they were not only nice looking, but very durable too.

  5. Amazing! what you do with the bicycles, i bought a schwinn second hand bicycle 2 months ago and i'm trying to restore.

    im really surprise how you got that shining polish, its awesome...

  6. Thanks Antonio,
    Good luck with your restoration. Now that you know where we are, don`t be a stranger. Stop by anytime.
    Cheers, Hugh

  7. I owned two black Continentals as shown in your picture. I bought them both new. The first burned up in a garage fire and the second I sold years ago when hard times came about. It's good to see you bringing them back to life.

  8. Thanks Dan,
    Is that Yooper Dan as in the U.P.? I have some "people" up there. Glad you enjoy the site. Now that you know where we are, Don`t be a stranger


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