Saturday, March 27, 2010

PACER "Special Edition" 15 Spd. (Canadian)

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Above: The Pacer Head-Badge (sticker)

Above: Fabrique Au Canada

above: This must be the model name (Pacer model is a Concord)

Above: The color scheme reminds me of my 84 TREK 560

Above: Left side view, check-out the shape of the shifters

Hello and Welcome, This past Friday I was hang`n with my brother-in-law Frank. We had lunch at Red Kanpp`s in Oxford Mi.The food was great. The bar area reminded me of the old "Antlers" in Sault Sainte Marie Mi. Afterward we stopped at the "Good-Will Store" to look for a small dresser for my mother-in-law. (I did not see any bicycles) No luck there. So back on the road and heading for Mom and Dads place. I knew there was a "Thrift Store" up ahead. So I suggested we try looking there.And maybe I could look and see if they had any old bikes.Well Frank headed for the furniture department and me off to find the bicycles.
Well they only had one bike. And that was this 58cm Pacer with
the two flat tires and a thick layer of dust.Which by the way is "just the way I like em" (58cm is my perfect fit) And they had it priced at 19.99 which by the way is also "just the way I like them". So I took it up to the cashier and paid for it.
Telling the lady there "I may have to come back for it, depending on weather or not my brother in law finds a dresser". Well Franks bad luck was my good luck, so into the mini van it went. On the ride back to my truck, I was already wondering if there had ever been a PACER brand ten speed on the old ten-speed gallery. It is always cool to find a first.(first one submitted to the gallery) I think this would be my second. The first being a KTM FORMULA 10 I found one day while making my usual rounds. So while the brakes are not the greatest and I will also need to up-grade the saddle and possibly the derailleurs. I am still very excited about this up-coming project. I think this bike has the potential to be a beautiful classic Road-Racer.
But right now I need to concentrate on finishing the Nishiki and getting busy on the Trek. And I should probably get the Huffy 10 speed out of the way too. Also I am still waiting for the Saddle and Post and Grips for the now finished Nishiki Manitoba to arrive. I will post it when it is finished and photographed. In the mean time I will be working on the Trek 560. And ordering tires the Huffy 10 speed. So till next time, Ride Safe, Wear a Lid and remember to RESCUE,RESTORE & RECYCLE. Cheers,Hugh


  1. Nice Find! Nice Blog! I have a Schwinn Sprint like the one you restored, mine is early 80's junior road with 24" wheels and step-through frame :)

  2. Thanks,And Welcome. I have a little Schwinn Caliente that I think is very similar. The junior size road bikes are cool. I wonder if they produced fewer of the junior size road bikes. You just don`t see them as often as the larger sizes. I`ll get around to restoring it one of these days. Now that you know where we are, don`t be a stranger.


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