Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vista Carrera 7 (mixte) Finished

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Above: Vista drive side. Notice the snow is gone, finally

Above: Vista left side, That kick-stand just has to go

Above: The coil-sprung saddle was the right choice for this bike

Above: The Polygon brakes were a pleasant surprise, very strong!

Above: The rear brake set-up is unique to the mixte frame bicycle.
(as far as I know)

Hello and Welcome, As you see the Vista "Carrera 7" is finished. The re-build went well for the most part. Other than when I accidently mounted the left side crank arm backwards. The cotered crank gave me a chance to refine my method for removing coter-pins a little bit. I am still using a c-clamp, but now a larger sturdier one.
It also has a groove on the flat clamp surface. That,if done carefully helps to hold the clamp in position when applying clamp pressure to the coter-pin. I`m thinking about drilling a little indentation (about 3/16) on the flat-surface of the clamp. If it works-out, I think it will hold the threaded end (pin) in place while tightening the clamp. As that is the end that wants to shift out of position when pressure is applied. I`m not sure I will be able to get the drill lined up properly.
I will probably have to use an off-set drill or a Dremel or something similar.
I ordered parts for the TREK. Only to get the dreaded "back-Ordered" e-mail. Seems they don`t have the tires I ordered. So I responded (via-e-mail) "If my order still qualifies for free shipping, go ahead and send it. If not cancel the order all together." I ordered everything at once to get the free shipping. I figure, it is not my fault they don`t have the tires. And it is still a fairly large order. So I`m thinking I should still get the free shipping. If not I`ll just have to start over at another on-line supplier.That reminds me, I have not heard back from the supplier.
So now I have no freak`n idea if they are sending the balance of the order or not.
Sometimes doing business on the net is a pain in the azz. But it sure is more affordable. I guess I`ll be a pain in their azz and send them another e-mail. GEEEEZE
If I seem like I`m in a crappy mood, I am. Just got back from the dentist and I`m de-frosting lol. Till next time RIDE SAFE and WEAR A HELMET (Nothing cool about Head-Trauma!) and PLEASE remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE


  1. I disagree about the kickstand on this bike. A double kickstand would be even better.

  2. Hey Steve,
    I agree a double kick-stand would be cool on this bike. I should have said "has to be replaced" instead of "has to go." Because that is what I meant.I have a side kick stand that attaches to the rear axle nut and chain- stay that might work. It is a non typical bicycle and should have a non typical kick-stand.

  3. Got a real "classic" look to it. That saddle is right. That will really make some one a nice ride. I'd have to rate this as one of your best.

  4. What's the source for your clamp on bottle cage? I've been trying to find them, but they're hard to find.

  5. Thanks J. I agree, The saddle just works. And thanks for your support.The really cool thing about this bike is that it rides great. And the Polygon brakes work fantastic. I think part of that is the jag-wire brake-shoes.They make the best(affordable) classic road brake shoes I have ever used. And I will say the same for their cables. Very well made for the price.

  6. Hi Linda and Welcome, You can find the Schwinn water-bottle cage at your local Meijer store. I
    think K-Mart "might" also have them.Thanks for stopping by. Cheers,Hugh


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