Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trek 560 project / restoration

Above:The TREK Badge, I should be able to touch it up

Above: The right seat-stay is scraped-up pretty bad

Above:The down tube shifters are fine and the graphics look pretty good

Above: Amazingly the chain-stay looks great

Above: Right adjuster looks fine. Left side adjuster is bent

Above: I think I can touch-up the down-tube graphics

Above: I think I will just re-paint the fork & eliminate the graphics

Above: Bracket shell looks good. box components crank,derailleurs,brakes,levers, handle-bars, etc.
Hello and Welcome, The Vista "Carrera 7" Mixte is finished with a few last minute changes. Unfortunately
it is too wet to take any quality pics. So I will hold-off on that till Sunday or Monday afternoon. In the meantime I thought I would talk about the Trek 560. I took it apart (partially) today. (After replacing a defective tire and replacing the saddle on the Sprint). A lady came to buy the Sprint and left with the ladies Schwinn Traveler instead. She really liked the WTB comfort saddle on the Sprint. So I put it on the Traveler for her. Funny part is,she noticed a defect in the (new) rear tire on the Sprint. I told her I had a tire order on the way, and I could replace it and bring the bike to her in AnnArbor. Then I suggested that she test-ride the Traveler just for kicks. She did and told me she thought it was a much more comfortable fit for her.(except for the saddle) So that worked out well. So what started out as a negative (finding the rear tire on the Sprint to be defective) Turned out to be a positive. She ended up with a bike that she liked even better than the one she was going to purchase. I apologized for not noticing the defect. She told me it was actually a good thing, as she would have purchased the Sprint not knowing that the Traveler was actually the better bike for her.So "All`s well that ends well". So the Schwinn saddle that I though looked stupid on the Vista is now on a Schwinn where it belongs. And the saddle that I had been thinking would look better on the Vista. Now is, And it does! It is a black road/touring saddle (typical 10 speed saddle)except it is coil sprung (chrome). And it looks really good on the Vista and matches the black cork handlebar tape too. So today I made up a shopping list for the Trek. I`m considering black/red tires with maybe black/red cork tape to match the graphics. Then again I might just go all black. Oh and I will also be doing another mixte project for a local lady.(BCA) It will be good to get it (BCA) out of the shop. I`m tired of looking at it. It is a strange little "mutt of a bike." But it
appears to be a good sturdy bike for a smaller person. Maybe another "All`s well that ends well" story :)
Well that`s all for tonight.(Hocky game tonigh!) I will post the pics of the Vista hopefully Monday night. It came out better than I expected and I look forward to hearing your feed back. Till Next Time. Ride Safe and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE & RECYCLE. Cheers,Hugh


  1. The 560 looks pretty good for a 25 year old. Please don't paint the forks! Just say No! I say go traditional with a black brooks, tires and tape. I know you said you spent too much for it but a restored Trek is like money in the bank; and you can ride it!
    I wish my old 520 looked that great and mine doesn't have those cool Treks running down the forks.
    Hugh, you've got a great site and a gift for making old bikes look mint. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. I`ll give your advice some serious thought. But I gotta tell you, I really don`t like the TREK graphic on the front of the fork legs. Now on a RALEIGH I think it looks great.Maybe I will re-due them in Old-English Script. Still using the TREK name of course.And hey, I checked out your blog as well.And you do some really nice work. I`m happy to be the first registered follower.


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