Saturday, March 6, 2010

Vista Mixtie Progress

Above:A shot of the new Micro adjust seat post installed. I even polished the reflector mount. And cleaned up the reflector as well. It`s all in the details!

Above: Cleaned-polished stem mount shifters, Changed the Steel stem to an alloy stem left-over from the Sportex build

Above: Front brake, broke-down, polished Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish and re-assembled.

Above: Rear (Polygon) center pull brake caliper got the same "Mothers" treatment

Above; Left-over Dia Compe brake levers from the Sportex build made for a big improvement over the generic (no markings) brake levers

Above: SunTour front derailleur all cleaned-up and re-mounted (Turtle Wax Chrome Polish and Rust Remover (also Brass brush and Q-tips)

Above: New Schwinn Comfort Saddle,very comfortable and very reasonable (about 17.00)

Above: SunTour Rear derailleur all cleaned-up(White-Lightning Clean-Streak)and re-mounted

Above: I still have to true these wheels on the wheel truing stand. And also clean-up and re-grease axles and bearings. Then I can start routing cables and mount the brake shoes, tires, etc etc.
That gets us pretty much caught-up on the Vista Mixte Project.
I picked up an old Trek 560 road bike today.I paid too much for it. But I think when it is finished I will be ok with that. It would make no sense to restore it for re-sale, because I would never get enough to make it worth my while.But that`s all part of my evil I`m tired of building bikes for myself and then selling them to finance the next one. This one I`ll have to keep. Because I`m too damn cheap to take a loss on it. We`ll see how this all works out. :) Till next time RIDE SAFE and remember to always RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE Cheers,Hugh


  1. What is the story on Polygon brakes? I'm unfamiliar with them.

  2. Hey Steve, They are a first for me too. I did a little searching and they are still around.
    Polygon makes bicycles and parts. Seems they have a line of disc-brake rotors. If I was reading it right they are located in Singapore.
    But that might have been a distributors address.
    I am temped to take them off the bike and save them. Just because I have never seen them before.

  3. Hi Hugh,

    Just stumbled on your blog. Very nice work!

    I'm rebuilding a classic Raleigh frame and was wondering who did your paint/powder? It looks great in the pics.

  4. Welcome Everett, Thank you for the kind words.
    Actually the paint-job is original. I will tell
    you what I use for cleaning up and polishing paint, "Meguiar's 3 Step System." Hopefully they still make it.I do a lot of touch-ups.But I have only done one complete paint job.I try to
    find bikes that have decent savable paint. And so far I have been lucky. Now that you know where we are, Don`t be a stranger.Thanks again,Hugh

  5. Beautiful bike. I found, fixed up, and sold a black one. Luckily, it did nothave cottered cranks!

    There was a heart brazed on the bottom of the down-tube on the frame. I've found one reference on the Web that said a Centurion mixte frame also had a heart. Must've come out of the same factory.

    Here's the OTSG post for my Vista:

    Edward S.

  6. Hey Ed, Nice job cleaning up that 3 piece crank.
    I have run across those hearts on the bottom side of the down tubes before. I think they are a reference point for a clamp-on. On my Vista it was a clamp-on cable-guide. I have also seen them up higher for a double cable guide or for down-tube mounted clamp-on shifters.I`m picking up a ladies Schwinn LaTour in the morning. The way it was described to me, I think it might be a mixte.


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