Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vista - Cottered Crank - Head-Set - Stem

Above: Cups cleaned,polished and replaced

Above: Top threaded head set bearings greased and in place

Above: Lower threaded head set bearings greased and inplace

Above: A little grease on the fork race

Above: Head-set reassembled with cleaned-up reflector mount

Above: Chain-rings and Arms reassembled and installed

Above: Shown with polished Stem and new micro adjust Post

Hello and Welcome, Well the pictures pretty much tell the story. Except the part about putting the drive-side arm on Or the part about damaging the cotter-key when taking it back off. Oh yeah, And the part about me tearing the shop/garage apart looking for spare cotter-pins.(just kidding) Seriously, I just took some off an up-coming project bike.
Off track for a sec.I went to high-school hockey game last night. The team I went to see lost soooooo bad that they had to "put the mercy-rule into effect".That basically means when the score hit 8 to ZIP The game was over.(literally) Thank God I got to listen to the Red-Wings loose on the radio on the way home. Yes it was a sad night in Hockey-Town USA.
But Today is a NEW DAY! And there are Wheels to refurbish! And Chains to buy! And Parts to order! No rest for the Wicked. Now I must get off my sorry a## and go get some work done. I should have much more to add real soon.(about the bicycle) Hey did I mention that when I got home last night, They were re-running the Gold Medal Hockey game. You know the one that ended with Canada winning the Gold. Some days a Hockey-Fan just can`t get a break! Sorry for wandering off topic this morning, but if you have been here before, You know it`s gonna happen from time to time :)
In the mean time Ride Safe. And WEAR A HELMET (there is nothing cool about Head Trauma) And Please remember to RESCUE,RESTORE and RECYCLE.


  1. What kind of grease do you use? I use Mobil1 Synthetic because the pink is easy to see, it lasts forever, and because you use so little that the one can I bought will last me the rest of my life for bike parts.

  2. I was using Kendall-GT but I think it is too thin for these old bikes. So I switched to a thicker grease sold by NAPA. Again the older less-expensive bikes are just not very tight. Or should I say the tolerance level is not very high. I think on a newer bike I would like use something better.But normally I am working on the older entry level road bikes. And so far I really like the NAPA grease.As you can see I don`t use it sparingly.


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