Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vista Mixte Bracket-Crank

Above: Bracket Shell Cleaned-Out

Above: Bracket,Bearings and Cup

Above: Bearings and Cup Ready for Grease

Above: Bracket Assembled (with grease)

Above: Chain-Rings,Arms and Cable Guide Brushed & Polished

Hello and Welcome, Tonight I was able to get to work on the Vista Mixte. The lugged Bottom Bracket shell,bearings/cups & bracket were cleaned-up when I took it apart. So tonight was about a quick touch up, bicycle grease and assembly.Progress was a little slow, because like any "True Northerner" I was also watching the final Gold-Medal Hockey game between the USA and Canada.It was a great game that could have went either way. Unfortunately it was Canada who won the Gold.But everyone played great and should be proud of the high level of competition. So back to the Bracket assembly. The only thing that gave me any trouble was when I realized I was putting the long end of the bracket on the wrong side. Fortunately I noticed it as soon as I test fitted the chain-ring and arm. It was obvious that the chainring was too far away from the frame. What I do quite often when I take something apart that has two sides is this. I will place all the parts for the left side on the left side of the bike and all the right side stuff on the right.Where I screwed up was I forgot that I had turned the frame around on the stand. Obviously the fault of being distracted by the Hockey Hey, I`m not one to hide my mistakes. I am quite imperfect and I`m ok with that. So if you are the type who gets-off on pointing the finger and ranting about how stupid everyone but You is. Hey have a freak`n field day! I could not care less. Just remember what Confucius said " A man who points a finger at another, points three at himself" Well back to business. After I got that all straightened out I removed the small chain-ring and gave both chain-rings a good "brass" brushing along with the arms and screws and the cable-guide. (removed when cleaning-up the bracket outer-shell)This was followed by a good polishing with Turtle Wax Chrome Polish and Rust Remover. So tomorrow (if it does not snow again)I will assemble the crank. Then rebuild the head-set and also get to work on the back wheel. I`m hoping to have 2 of the basics done tomorrow "drive" (crank chain rear wheel)and steering (head-set/fork and stem. So till next time, Ride Safe and remember to RESCUE,RESTORE & RECYCLE. And don`t be afraid to make a few mistakes. Cheers,Hugh


  1. My kids are happy either way. As I explained to them, Canadians are just Americans that haven't caught on yet so it was a win either way.

    From now on, I dab paint on the right hand side of the axle which will save time and error when getting things back together.

  2. I`m not sure if them or us are the ones who haven`t caught-on Definately a win for "North America" anyway you cut it.
    I like that idea of marking the right side of the axle.I heard Texas was expecting more snow last week. I hope you "dodged the bullet" this time. We sure didn`t!

  3. We got a touch of snow, but most of it passed south of DFW.

    The paint shall be known in my mind as a "Hugh Mark."


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