Sunday, February 21, 2010

Schwinn Sprint Finished

Hello and Welcome, Last night I was able to finish the 53 cm Schwinn Sprint road bike. All went well, no surprises. I did however have to switch the brake cables, as I had the rear on the left and the front on the right. Fortunately I noticed before I taped over the brake cables. But everything else went smoothly. The front derailleur did not need any adjusting at all.(a first) Like they say "Better to be Lucky than Smart." I had my doubts about how the colors would come together. But seeing it finished, I am relieved. It looks better than I imagined it would.
So late last night I started to dismantle my next project. I got it all apart, except the cotter-pinned crank. But as far as cotter-pin cranks go, I think it is better to let the penetrating oil works it`s magic. I absolutely hate cotter-pin cranks. Seriously I think they are the worst design that anyone could have come up with. And if I am ever stupid enough to buy another one for restoring, you have my permission to slap me upside the head. This does NOT include any that may already be in the garage. I`m pretty sure there are a couple. Quick TIP: If your ever think about buying a bicycle with a cotter-pin crank, DON`T DO IT! OK, You have been warned, So don`t blame So here it is in all it`s cotter-pined crank glory!

Above: A Vista Mixte. Not a woman`s bike, but a unisex bike.A French design I think.
They never really caught on.

I have a system for removing cotter-pins. only problem is sometimes it doesn`t work.
But I am going to try to improve my method this time around. We`ll see how it goes. If I was not so damn cheap I would have ordered the special designed tool for removing these damn things. I think I`m going to go experiment with my system. So till next time RIDE SAFE and remember to RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE. And for the love of God, Stay away from those cotter-pinned cranks!


  1. John Forester has a process for removing cotter pins. I don't know how it compares with yours, but you can probably get "Effective Cycling" at most large libraries or via interlibrary loan. It's on page 158.

    The Sprint looks very nice, except the gold pedals just don't go quite right somehow.

  2. Hey Steve, Thanks, I think it looks pretty good too. It does not show up well in the photographs,but there are some gold graphics on the frame. But in the photographs,I agree it does not look all that good.I did a slide show a few years ago on bicycle forums that shows how I remove cotter pins. Now I use a bigger nut(as a sleeve)and also a better c-clamp with a grove to help hold the pin in place. But basically it is the same way I do it now. I have added it to my list of links.
    Check it out when you get a chance. Would like to get some feed back. Also I hit it with some "WD-40" 24 hours in advance.By the way your blog is excellent!

  3. Hello,
    Looks like another fine job! Seems to me you're getting faster. I like the gold pedals. Are those Wellgo's? I bought a pair of red and black ones for a bike and at first I thought they were too small and cheap, about 20 bucks. They wore in nicely though and I put a pair of MKS half toe clips on them and they worked out great. Sheldon Browns site suggests lining cottered crank bolts straight up and down and giving the bolt and good solid rap with a steel hammer,remove the nut first, obviously. I tried this method on a Batavus Monte Carlo from the 70's that I had been frustrated with and was prepared to cut the cranks off. Worked like a dream, bolt dropped on floor, clink!, with just one rap on each bolt and caused no collateral damage. Anyway, as always, I enjoy your blog and will be watching for future installments. Spring is around the corner!

  4. Thanks J.I have never had much luck hammering out cotter pins. I think maybe the most important thing "might be" using the penetrating oil. And giving it time to work. The track pedals I used on the sprint are Dimension. They are smaller of course. But being a smaller frame set up for a female.I don`t think it will be an issue. The cotter-pins on the Vista came out really easy. I am beginning to think it is like rolling the dice when it comes to cotter pins :) Sometimes the come out easy and sometimes it`s like they are welded.I have not gotten much done this week "bike wise".I had some other things to take care of.But I am caught up now and will be back in the shop/garage tonight. And I hope your right about spring!
    P.S. I have a fixed-gear bike on the way. It was so cheap I could not pass it up. I will be blogging about it soon.


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