Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Sprint is coming along nicely

Here`s a sneak-peek at the new WTB Saddle and Cork Tape

Hello & Welcome, Things are really starting to come together as far as the little Sprint is concerned. It is actually farther along than the pics show now. I will try to take some new pics today. The rear wheel, pie-plate and free-wheel all cleaned-up amazingly well. As did the rear derailleur which I partially dis-assembled to get
the jockey wheels spinning freely. I think the silver and gold pedals look great. If you look closely you will see some gold decals/graphics on the bike. I have also installed a new chain (removed 4 links)which is traveling around the gears and jockey wheels smoothly. Not shown, but the brake calipers are rebuilt and polished and re-mounted with new Jagwire brake shoes. I have cleaned up and mounted the front derailleur as well also the stem-mounted shifters. I also ran the cables (jagwire)to the derailleurs and tuned the derailleurs. The (down-tube mounted) clamp-on chrome cable-guide cleaned up great. That really was a pleasant surprise, as it was very rusty. Thanks to the high quality work by the Shimano chrome department. I really need to get back at it, I`m hoping to have it finished tomorrow and maybe a short road test before the snow returns. So till next time RIDE SAFE and
remember to SHARE THE ROAD. And don`t throw it away! RESCUE - RESTORE & RECYCLE.


  1. Hi Hugh, I bought a Fuji Grand Tourer SE 12 speed today, and I wanted to ask you for your advice on cleaning it.I would like to restore it, but would like to begin by taking the rust off. Additionally, can you please guide me in determining the year it was made? I would truly and sincerely appreciate all of your help. Thanks!

    Orlando, Florida

  2. Alfredo, Great bike! The Fuji Gran-Tourer SE is one of the best all-around bikes I have ever owned. I wish I had kept mine. As far as rust goes, for chrome I always use a Brass- brush. Brass is much easier on the chrome than steel. After brushing I use Turtle-Wax "Chrome Cleaner/Rust Remover" You should be able to find it at any auto-parts store or automotive section at most department stores.As for the polished aluminum and alloy I use Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish. For the paint I like the Meguiars 3 Step System. You should be able to find these also at any good automotive store or department.For cleaning derailleurs and free-wheel units etc. I like White-Lightning "Clean-Streak" This You will need to get at a good Bike-Shop.
    And please read the directions carefully. These chemicals can be dangerous if used improperly. Send along a pic of the bike. I think you can e-mail me through my blog profile. Sometimes you can date a bike by looking for "date stamped" on the back of some of the components (derailleurs and such)
    Good Luck with your project. Keep me posted


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