Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sprint Front Hub and Wheel Restoraton

Hello and Welcome,Monday night I started refurbishing the front wheel and hub. I had planned to work on the back wheel. But seeing that the front wheel seemed to have more rust. I thought it would be better to see if the front wheel was savable first. Because if not I would have to start looking for another wheel-set.As you can see by the first two pics, it was a little rough. I mounted it on the truing stand and went to work.As usual I used a brass brush and Turtle-Wax Chrome "Polish&Rust Remover". After working my way around the rim, I went to work on the hub. Basically the same process, just a little tougher to reach. I removed the wheel from the stand to finish the flanges. The spokes were nasty looking as well. Using automotive wet sanding paper(dry)I went over the spokes with a medium to light grit then finished with a fine grit. Then I applied a tiny bit of oil to each spoke nipple using a Q-Tip.
That will pay-off latter when I go to true the wheel.Which by the way is already
amazingly straight. So the front wheel is basically done. I just need to re-grease the bearings and true it up. Last night I started refurbishing the back wheel. So far
the rim is clean and polished. I have removed the free-wheel and the axle and bearings.I brushed and polished up the Pie-Plate. It looks great. So I`m going to get back to work and try to finish the rear wheel this afternoon. Some of the new components have been arriving. So I should have a lot to report in the next few days.
Till next time, Ride Safe and as always remember to RESCUE,RESTORE&RECYCLE.


  1. Hello,
    I would have given that wheel up for dead. Nice job. Good idea, the drop of oil on the spoke nipples. Let'um sit for a day, then, free and easy.

  2. Hey J, Thanks
    That wheel may be replaced yet. While it did clean up pretty good.(about 90%) I just spotted the exact same wheel-set on another bike. And the front has less rust than this one did. So depending on the straightness and condition of the hub on the new-found wheel.I may still be making a change. Thanks for stopping by.


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