Monday, February 15, 2010

Schwinn Sprint Head-Set, Stem and Post

Hello and Welcome, Yesterday after taking care of of my Valentines Day obligation. I was able to spend some time working on the Schwinn Sprint.First I would like to talk about the order in which I do things, and why. Once I have chosen a bike, and decided that it is worth restoring. Where do I start? I like to start with the very basics. First the frame. Having been inspected at the time of purchase, I already know it is not bent, dented or has any serious rust issues. And of course the fork is not bent or dented. So once I have stripped the bike down to the frame and I have gotten a good look at the three piece crankset, bracket and threaded headset etc. etc. I like to do the Crank and Bracket first. Simply because it is the beginning of the drive train. After which I like to do the head-set/fork because it is the beginning of controlling the bike. To me the logical next step would be the back-wheel and chain. This will include the rear derailleur.(although it will not be hooked up at this point) The reason I like to complete the basic drive-train first is. It just makes sense to have all the basics done before installing a bunch of bicycle components. So.... continuing along that train of thought I like to do the front wheel next. Now I have a drive train, basic steering, and two wheels to roll on. Next I like to install the Stem and handlebars.(if I haven`t already installed the stem) Now we have the basic drive train, steering, and wheels to roll on. Now it is time to install the bicycle brake calipers and levers. I will also install the shoes, just to make sure they are going to contact the rim properly.I don`t install the brake-cables at this point. I just squeeze the calipers shut by hand to adjust the shoes.Now I have started all the basic functions of the bike, motivation,control and stopping. My logic is this, Why get the shifters mounted and brake and shifter cables routed and hooked -up. And a saddle and post, bar-tape etc. etc. etc. Just to find-out you have a major problem with one of the basics. I am by no means saying I have never strayed from this order. Sometimes waiting for a part to arrive, I might "jump ahead" to keep the project moving. I try not to make a habit of it,because I know where it can lead. Someone once told me
"It is much easier to learn from other peoples mistakes,than from your own." So having said that, I`m gonna go mount some mirrors and a cyclometer a headlight and a rear flasher. Just Kidding! I think it`s time to start working on the rear wheel,derailleur and chain. NOTE: These are just "MY OPINIONS" And you know my opinion and a buck and quarter might get you a small coffee at Speed-Way. Till next time, RIDE SAFE and remember to always RESCUE, RESTORE &RECYCLE! Cheers,Hugh

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