Thursday, February 11, 2010

Schwinn Sprint Update

Hello and Welcome,I removed the bottom bracket and bearings.Then got everything cleaned-up and re-packed with bearing grease. It came apart simply enough. And the bearings and bracket & triple chainring all appear to be in excellent condition.I noticed that the large chain-ring looked virtually unused. And that the smaller chainring only had a slight amount of grime on it.(from the chain)This reinforces my belief that this bike was ridden very little. When removing the bracket, I did not have a bracket wrench that fits the drive side. And none of my 3 large crescent wrenches would open wide enough. But I was able to remove everything easily from the left side. To get it nice and clean inside. I tilted the the frame (on the stand) so that the drive side was a little higher. Then I sprayed it out real good with White Lightning "Clean-Streak." After which I pushed a rolled up rag inside the shell and then twisted the rag to clean the shell and drive side bearing cup. I did this a couple times then checked (inside the bracket shell) with a flash-light,and it was spotless.After re-packing the bearings and greasing up the bracket itself real good. I then re-assembled the bracket from the left side of the bracket.Then spent some quality time polishing the crank arms and crank with "Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish." To touched up the bad spots I hit it with a brass brush. "You be the judge", but I think the crank cleaned -up pretty good.
Sat 2-13-10 This morning I had to deliver a bike and make some adjustments for the new owner.Normally I road-test the road-racer type bikes and do any tweaking before delivery.Unfortunately due to ice and snow and salt this was not possible. So I took a well stocked tool-bag with me and did all the tweaking on the spot.(Bad Idea)In the future I will try to avoid this happening. Way to cold to be doing that outside. Anyway after making a few adjustments,I told the new owner go put some miles on it. then bring it by and I will make any necessary adjustments or changes for free.I also brought him a spare set of brake shoes and a partial can of White-Lightning Clean Streak. So now I am very tired and will probably not do any more bike work today. Tomorrow I will clean-up the bearings and cups and re-install the fork on the Sprint. Then start refurbishing the wheel-set. I have spotted a set of alloy wheels on one of the girls bikes(step through frame). I may steal these for the Sprint project.But I have not decided yet. Seems kind of silly, as that bike is finished. But the step-through frame bikes are slow to move. I`ll get back to you about that one. In the mean time,RIDE SAFE and remember,RESCUE,RESTORE & RECYCLE.

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